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Partnerships in Computer Science and Creative Technologies

Strong industry links support your learning by bringing invaluable insights and opportunities to the table. We partner with some of the top businesses and organisations in the region and further afield.

About PlayWest

PlayWest is a staff, student and graduate powered game studio at the heart of our TIGA-accredited Games Technology curriculum.

Work at PlayWest includes high-profile real world games technology projects, the creation of commercial videogame products and fostering the next generation of developers.

As a partner, the studio gives students the chance to develop their skills by undertaking internships and paid work under industry conditions. PlayWest has exclusive access to our new PlayStation First studio and is also delivering our MSc in Commercial Games Development – a new award designed with industry CPD in mind, focusing explicitly on commercial development and advanced games research.

PlayWest is an Enterprise Studio, not the typical university game course studio that has become the norm, bringing unique and exciting opportunities for students across the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies.

Further information about placements

For further information, including how a placement can benefit your studies and finding a placement, visit our placements section.

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