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Fantastic facilities in Art

The excellent facilities and equipment in our workshops and studios will help you get your creative career off to a flying start.


Our City Campus incorporates Bower Ashton Campus and Spike Island as well as studio spaces above Arnolfini gallery and the Watershed - both internationally renowned centres for contemporary art and design. Our close links with these partners mean you'll get direct exposure to the latest industry trends.

We’re continually investing in our facilities, giving you the tools, space and support you need to develop your skills in traditional crafts, processes and digital technology.

Places to create

Experienced staff and instructors teach skills-based workshops within each of the following centres, advising on health and safety issues, as well as supporting students on a one-to-one basis. When not in use for workshops, students can use the centres on an open access basis.

Print centre – contains equipment for screen printing, digital printing, lithographic, etching and relief.

Drawing centre studio – a bright, warm studio space with easels and general drawing equipment.

Fabrication centre – a contemporary making environment with equipment and processes for metal casting, laser cutting, clay and ceramics work, enamelling, plastic forming and many more.

Sewing and knitting studios – a wide range of domestic and industrial machines and equipment, along with technical support and expertise.

Printed textile studio – this workshop space includes: resources for water-based photo-silk screening and heat-transfer printing; dyes and dye technology; fabric manipulation; surface decoration and embellishment; photo-transfer printing for fabric and other techniques associated with the printing and colouring of textile-related surfaces.

Digital Design studios – resources include Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office software suites, flatbed scanning and printing.

Animation studios - facilities support hand drawn and stop-motion techniques to computer generated forms, digital compositing and post-production activities.

Photographic studios - excellent facilities including studios for photographing 3D sets, digital image capturing, editing and output suites comprising filmscanners.

A closer look

Take a look at our films and galleries about the campus and what you can expect from our courses:

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