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Opportunities in Architecture

Whichever course you choose, you’ll enjoy access to incredible learning and development opportunities.

Work with the community

Bristol is a vibrant and diverse community that provides an opportunity to work with local groups and specialists that positively transform and empower our communities.

We actively engage in live project initiatives so that you can gain industry-ready professional experience. As well as helping you develop a sense of civic social engagement, this gives you invaluable practice and understanding the kind you can only get through hands-on learning.

Take a look at some our live projects in Bedminster, South Bristol:

  • Revitalising the high street - Addressing the question of how architecture students can work with local communities to empower its members to have a say in affecting their urban environment.
  • Building an exhibition stand - A time-lapse video showing the construction of an exhibition stand for the Bedminster Town Team regeneration project.
  • Listening to the community - A series of short interviews with members of the local community as part of the Bedminster Town Team regeneration project.
  • Bringing new life to a forgotten corner - A press release detailing the design and creation of a 'pocket park' for the local community. 

Field trips and site visits

Getting up close to buildings is an essential part of architectural study. Regular field trips and site visits will give you vital insights into and appreciation of architecture and the built environment in the real world. You’ll also have the opportunity to dive into more in-depth studies on residential field trips, in the UK and abroad.

Showcase your talent

We’re proud of our students and encourage you to celebrate your achievements at the final year Degree Show.

You’ll also collaborate to produce a yearbook and an online showcase of your work to share with staff, students and employers. To find out more about the degree show, watch the film from this year’s event.

Get involved in our student societies

University societies give you the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and explore your interests beyond the scope of your course.

Check out the most popular architecture-related societies:

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