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Student views - Clearing

See what our students have to say about their experiences of Clearing and studying at UWE Bristol.

Helen - Geography Helen - UWE Bristol clearing student

"I’d worked really hard for my A levels so I was really shocked when I didn’t get the grades I needed. My teacher sat with me and we spent the morning looking online for available clearing courses and ringing round universities.

"The real turning point was when Andrew, the Geography course leader at UWE Bristol, rang me directly. I was impressed that he’d made the effort to call me himself. I asked lots of questions about the course and he was really calm and helpful, which had a big impact when the day had been so stressful!"

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Stephen - Journalism

“Initially, I was a bit nervous about applying through Clearing as I didn’t know much about the process but UWE Bristol helped me a lot.

When I called, the advisers put me through to someone from the faculty straight away and gave me a clear idea on the course as well as what it would mean for me as a mature student. It was very personal. They talked about what the university could do for me and I found that very useful."

"The course itself is so much fun. I have been to Westminster and the House of Lords and have been reporting at court. I’ve even interviewed the Mayor of Bristol. The tutors are very experienced and qualified in the industry, and you get to use a range of software to apply in many ways such as putting together magazines and video editing."

Petra - Radiotherapy and Oncology

"I’d heard good things about UWE Bristol. When I visited, I loved the campus, the people and the environment. I felt I fitted in and could imagine myself being happy there. Clearing involved a lot of communications with the University. I exchanged several of emails with one particular woman who was lovely and advised me on the Clearing process.

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Rebecca - Adult Nursing

Rebecca - UWE Bristol Clearing student

“I knew other options were still available for me, so I went through Clearing to find them. I chose UWE Bristol because it’s a well-known university and has a good reputation for my course.

I would recommend UWE Bristol to anyone who wants to go to a university. It’s full of opportunities, new experiences and amazing staff."

Tom - Biomedical Science

“I was scared when I didn’t get my original choice as I had no idea about Clearing, but the support at UWE Bristol was great. The staff really helped me through the application process which I appreciated at a time when I was very stressed."

“I would definitely recommend UWE Bristol. It’s a great university. I loved the lectures, the practicals and the labs and I also enjoyed student life there. Bristol is one of the best cities to live in.”

Ellie - English

“I felt a bit demoralised when I entered the Clearing process but I would say to anyone not to panic because in the end it has been a fab experience. I got to study in Bristol which is an amazing city.”

“The passion that tutors have for their subject is infectious and really makes the course what it is. UWE Bristol is wonderfully diverse and there is so much going on so I would undoubtedly recommend this university.”

Clearing guidance

Do you have questions about the Clearing process? Read our Clearing guidance.

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