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Offers and confirmation

Key information about offers and confirmation.

Types of offers explained

When we make an offer, these are either conditional or unconditional:

Conditional offers - If you've not yet received your exam results, your offer is usually a conditional offer, which means it's subject to you getting the grades required for your course.

Unconditional offers - If you already have your exam results and you've satisfied the academic entry requirements of your course, we may make you an unconditional offer.

Check your offer status and progress through the UWE Welcome website and UCAS Track.

Offers - next steps

What happens after I get an offer?

After we make you an offer, we’ll send you useful information regarding your course and various UWE Bristol policies. We also advise that you view our term dates.

Around June/July, we will send you any relevant ‘preparatory materials’ with your joining instructions, to help you prepare for your studies. This could include some pre-course reading or any materials/equipment you may need for your course. If your course provides an Offer Holder Day, we’ll invite you along by email. We’ll also let you know when our next Facebook Q&A sessions are taking place.

We’ll keep in touch via the UWE Welcome website – so check this regularly for updates. It’s where we’ll send you reminders about when to apply for student finance, accommodation, and as well as your course joining instructions.

Accepting and declining your offers

When you’ve received a decision for all your choices, UCAS will contact you to ask that you reply to your offers. There are deadlines to reply by so make sure you know when they are.

Receiving your exam results and confirming your offer

  • We receive some exam results automatically, but not all. Check the list of exam results we receive to see if yours are listed. If they’re not, you’ll need to send your results directly to us. The easiest way to do this is to upload them on the 'My documents' page on the UWE Bristol Welcome website. We won’t be able to make a decision until we see them, so make sure you do this soon as you can.
  • When the exam results are published in August, we’ll confirm the places for all applicants who meet the terms of their offer. You just need to log into the UWE Welcome website from 07:00 on results day to see our decision, or visit UCAS Track.
  • If your exam results don’t meet the conditions of your UWE Bristol offer, try not to panic. Check your status on the UWE Welcome website or UCAS Track first, as we may have already confirmed your place.

If you've got a place with us

Congratulations, you’re in!

We’ll keep you updated with the next steps via the UWE Bristol Welcome website. You don’t need to call us but if you have an urgent question, call our Admissions team on +44(0)117 32 83333.

If you're accepting an insurance choice place at UWE Bristol

If you were unsuccessful with your firm choice and are taking up an insurance choice place with us, then we’re delighted you’re coming to us. Welcome to UWE Bristol!

If you’d like to apply for accommodation, please keep checking the UWE Welcome website. We’ll send you a link there so you can access the accommodation application form online, and we’ll guide you through the next steps to joining UWE Bristol. If you have any questions, contact our Admissions team and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’ve not received a message

Don’t worry, this just means we’re still making our decision. You don’t need to call us, just keep checking the UWE Bristol Welcome website and UCAS Track for updates.

Remember, if you’re still waiting for GCSE or other results, which form part of your conditional offer, we won’t be able to make a decision until we have all of those details, so make sure you send these to us as soon as you can.

How to register with us

Once the application process is complete and you’ve met the conditions required, registration (also known as enrolment), can begin.

At UWE Bristol, online registration takes place from the start of August. We’ll send you details, but if you’d like to find out about these regulations in advance, you can read our Registration Agreement and Conditions and our Tuition Fee Policy.

Other options

If we offer you a different course

If you’ve not met the conditions of your original offer, we may offer you an alternative course.

Once your firm and insurance choice universities have made their final decisions, you can log in to UCAS Track, where you can reply to our offer within five days. If you don’t do this within the five-day limit, your offer will automatically be declined.

If you've not been successful

Try not to worry as you could still get a place at university starting this year.

We consider all applicants who miss their offer conditions to see if we’re still able to confirm their offer. Often we’re still able to offer you a place if you did not miss your grades by far, so try not to panic.

If UWE Bristol was your firm choice, check your insurance choice, as they may be able to confirm your place.

If you’ve not been successful securing your firm or insurance choices, you’ll be automatically entered into Clearing. Log in to UCAS Track to view your Clearing number. You can then start looking at the options out there. UWE Bristol has dedicated Clearing pages, which we update with the latest course vacancies on a daily basis. If you find yourself in Clearing, it’s important to check our website regularly.

And remember, many students go on to find the right course and university for them through Clearing, so if you unexpectedly find yourself in Clearing, try to keep positive that you can still find the course for you.

Cancelling your place with us

If you accept an offer from us, you have the right to cancel your place within 14 calendar days from the day after the first day of term - or 14 calendar days from the day after you complete your registration, whichever is later.

If you would like to cancel your application, please complete the application cancellation form and email it to our Admissions team as soon as possible.

Requesting a change, deferral or release into Clearing

Changing your course
If you’d like to change course, we may be able to consider you for an alternative one, as long as places are still available and you meet the course entry requirements. Contact our Admissions team and we’ll be happy to help you.

Deferring your place
We’ll try our best to accommodate your request for a deferral, however it’s not possible for all courses and you may be asked to reapply the following year. If you’d like to defer, email our Admissions team and briefly explain your reasons. Please include your UWE Bristol Welcome ID number, and write ‘deferral request’ in the subject line.

Rejecting your place
If you don’t want to take up your place at UWE Bristol and would like to be released into Clearing, please email us at, and briefly explain your reasons. Please include your UWE Welcome ID number, full name and date of birth, and write 'release into clearing' in the subject line.

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