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UCAS Tariff changes

Changes to UCAS Tariff – what does it mean?

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is introducing a new system to calculate UCAS points. If you apply to study a course at UWE Bristol starting in, or after, September 2017 the way your qualifications are calculated will be changing.

For the most part this is a straight forward change, where your qualifications have the same value – aside from a slight change to AS level – so your qualifications are still worth the same. It’s only the numbers associated with your grade which will be different.

For example, a current offer of ABB at A-level is the equivalent of 320 UCAS Tariff points (120 + 100 + 100 points). In the new system an offer of ABB will be the equivalent of 128 UCAS Tariff points (48 + 40 + 40 points).

Why have these changes happened?

The changes have been made as the previous tariff system did not account for certain vocational qualifications and some qualifications from abroad.

The new system has been developed by UCAS to provide a fair and more transparent process of allocating tariff points across a wider range of qualifications. This supports the aim of widening participation in university as it provides more routes into university courses.

How will this affect me?

For the most part this will not affect you as your grades for qualifications which were in the previous system are still worth the same from UWE Bristol’s point of view. This excludes AS levels, which are now worth 40 per cent of an A-level instead of 50 per cent under the previous tariff.

Is it now harder for me to get a place at UWE Bristol?


The grades needed to enter UWE Bristol courses are not changing. The numbers UCAS uses may be different, but the value of each grade remains the same, aside from the small change to AS levels.

For example, a tariff requirement of 300 UCAS Tariff points in 2016 may be expressed as three B grades at A-level, whilst a tariff offer of 120 UCAS Tariff points will still equate to three B grades at A-level.

A quick comparison guide

The tables below outline how the new UCAS points system compares to the previous one.


Grade New UCAS points Old UCAS points
A* 56 140
A 48 120
B 40 100
C 32 80
D 24 60
E 16 40

AS level

Grade New UCAS points Old UCAS points
A 20 60
B 16 50
C 12 40
D 10 30
E 6 20

BTEC Diploma

Grade New UCAS points Old UCAS points
D*D* 112 280
D*D 104 260
DD 96 240
DM 80 200

BTEC Extended Diploma

Grade New UCAS points Old UCAS points
D*D*D* 168 420
D*D*D 160 400
D*DD 152 380
DDD 144 360
DDM 128 320
DMM 112 280
MMM 96 240
MMP 80 200
MPP 64 160
PPP 48 120

Further information

Each UWE Bristol course entry lists the indicative tariff points required to study it.

Your careers department or teachers should be able to give you useful help and advice about the changes to the UCAS system.

You can also find information about any of these changes on the UCAS website and use the UCAS Tariff Calculator to work out your grades.

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