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Apply via UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is a free service that gives you an extra chance to apply for places on courses that still have vacancies, so it’s really not too late to find a course that’s right for you.

What is UCAS Extra and who can use it?

UCAS Extra opens from 25 February until early July 2020 and it’s the next step if you've used all five of your university choices in UCAS and:

  • you’ve received decisions from all five universities but haven’t been made any offers yet, or
  • you’ve received offers but declined all of the offers you’ve received.

How do I apply through UCAS Extra?

If you're eligible to use UCAS Extra, you’ll find an ‘Add an Extra choice’ button when you sign in to the ‘Choices’ section in UCAS Track. You can simply use this to apply to us. You can only apply to one course at a time through UCAS Extra, so it’s worth spending some time researching all of your options so that when you apply, you’re sure you’re applying for your top choice.

Take a look at our wide range of our fantastic courses and see if you find one for you. Some of our courses have places available to start this September.

When can I add a course in UCAS Extra?

If you’d like to add a course in to UCAS Extra, you can do this any time between 25 February and 5 July 2020. We’ll aim to get back to you with a decision within 21 days of receiving your application.

What happens next?

Accepting an offer

If we offer you a place through UCAS Extra, you can take some time deciding whether you’d like to accept or decline it. You’ll be given a date to respond by in Track so keep this in mind. If you choose to accept our offer, you’re committing to that course and won't then be able to apply anywhere else. This also means that you won’t be eligible for Clearing unless you don’t meet the offer requirements.

Not been made an offer or declining an offer

If we don’t offer you a place, or you choose to reject it, you can still apply for another course via UCAS Extra in the same way, as long as there’s still time.

If you don’t secure a place through UCAS Extra, try to keep positive, as Clearing will be your next option, which opens in July.

Not yet heard anything?

If you haven’t received a decision within 21 days of applying through UCAS Extra, you can withdraw your application at any time and apply for a different course instead.

What if I didn’t use all five choices by the 15 January deadline?

If you didn’t use all of your five choices by the 15 January UCAS deadline, you can just add more choices in UCAS Track (as long as it’s before 30 June 2020 and you haven't already accepted or declined any offers). Find out more on the UCAS website.

What if I haven’t yet applied via UCAS at all?

If you haven't yet applied for any courses via UCAS for a September 2019 start, the great news is there’s still time.

For undergraduate courses at UWE Bristol, you can apply via UCAS in the usual way until 30 June 2020. We have a fantastic range of courses so take a look and then you can apply to us via UCAS.

Applying after 30 June? No problem, you can still apply after 30 June but your application will be processed through a process called Clearing.

Ready to apply?

Explore our wide range of undergraduate courses and see if you find one for you.

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