Review how you spend your time

A time log helps you to review exactly how much time you're spending on different aspects of your life. This can be a useful step towards more effective time management.

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Complete a time log

Complete a log each day for a period of several days (preferably a week or two), including a weekend.

Try to fill in your time log frequently so that you don't forget things. The exercise is much more useful if your record is accurate.

Analyse the completed time log

When you've completed your log, go through it and count the hours you spend on different kinds of tasks:

  • Study - including lectures, workshops, independent work.
  • Paid work.
  • Maintenance - the things necessary to maintain your life, such as sleeping, eating, cleaning, shopping, childcare, etc.
  • Leisure - when you're engaged in leisure activities as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Discretionary - 'free time', which you can use as you choose.

By adding up the hours you've spent in these ways, you'll gain a picture of the current balance in your life.

Review how you spend your time

Ask yourself...

  • Are there any activities that you'd like to spend more or less time on, or that you could eliminate?
  • Are there times of the day when you work best? Are you using them in the best way?
  • Are there times when you don't study well? Are you using them for other activities?
  • Do you waste time - your own, or other people's?

Make changes

If you'd like to make changes, or look at ways to improve your time management, go on to mange your time.

Download a time log:

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