OSCOLA: your bibliography

An overview of how to construct the sections of your bibliography.

Table of cases

  • Cases should be listed alphabetically by case name (eg Brown v Wilson, then Brown v Wright, then Browne v Wright).
  • Cases should be alphabetised by the significant name. So, for example, In re the Estate of Farquar or Re Farquar's Estate should be listed in the table of cases under Farquar's Estate, Re.
  • Unless there are very few cases, you should divide the table of cases into separate sections for separate jurisdictions.
    • European cases should be distinguished between ECJ, CFI and Commission cases and should be arranged in chronological and numerical order by their assigned case number.
  • Shipping and trade mark cases (which are often referred to simply by the name of the ship or trade mark) should be included as normal, but should also have an additional entry in the table included under the name of the ship or trade mark, with a cross-reference to the full name of the case.

Table of legislation

  • Legislation should be listed alphabetically by title.
  • Your table of legislation should be listed with similar divisions to your table of cases to identify legislation from different jurisdictions.
  • You may want to distinguish between primary and secondary legislation (eg having a 'List of Statutes' and a 'List of Statutory Instruments').


  • Sources should be listed alphabetically by author's surname, or by title if no author is given.

Additional online help

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