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Finding information

Find and evaluate information from UWE Bristol Library and online.

Online advice and tutorials

Finding information

  • Finding information
    How to find books, articles, and other information - on the library shelves and online - for your assignments and research.

Finding information for specific subjects

  • Subject-specific search
    Learn how to search subject-specific databases for information that can not be found through Google or the library search.
  • Resources for your subject
    Many of the library's subject pages have online tutorials offering specialist advice on finding information for your subject.

Evaluating information

  • Evaluating information
    Not everything you find will be useful. You need to evaluate the objectivity, accuracy, authority, relevance and timeliness of the information you've found.

    (See also the critical thinking page for help with: interpreting information, questioning assumptions, evaluating evidence and comparing hypotheses.)

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