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What is PAL?

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is a student-to-student support scheme aimed to support students with their transition to University and contribute to the wider student experience.

PAL involves more experienced students who are trained as facilitators to provide academic and technical support to students primarily in lower years.

The scheme provides opportunities for students to consolidate their own understanding of the discipline within a safe and collaborative environment. PAL Leaders support sessions to ensure learners make the most of their time together.

PAL sessions are usually offered at programme or module level. We also offer PAL within certain technical areas.

In addition to our main PAL support, we also offer two additional PAL services to support the wider UWE Bristol community.

PAL Mentoring

PAL mentoring provides students with the opportunity to access mentoring support from another UWE Bristol student. PAL Leaders provide pastoral support to students and are knowledgeable about the University so they can help signpost a range of services. They are there to listen and be a point of contact throughout the year.

The current PAL mentoring scheme is:

  • UWE Cares PAL Mentoring - PAL Leaders provide mentoring support to UWE Cares students.

PAL workshops

PAL workshops are student-led training sessions that are available for all UWE Bristol students to access. PAL Leaders are trained to facilitate workshops and provide informal opportunities for students to develop their skills.

The type of workshops include:

  • emotional resilience
  • academic success
  • careers and employability.

Get involved

If you're a student who would like to receive support via PAL, please read our guidance on the types of support available.

If you're interested in providing support and guidance to students, please read our information on how to become a PAL Leader

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