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Become a PAL Leader

PAL Leaders play an important role in supporting students at UWE Bristol.

Becoming a PAL Leader has many benefits. You can:

  • gain valuable experience for your CV
  • connect with other students
  • count it towards your UWE Bristol Futures Award
  • have the opportunity to attend a series of additional PAL events and conferences
  • be recognised for the work you have done, for example at a celebration ceremony, and additional accreditation opportunities
  • get paid in return for your work.

The roles

The role of a PAL Leader depends on the scheme you are applying for.

PAL Leaders - PAL Leaders are trained as facilitators in order to run study support sessions. Sessions are timetabled and group based. They use techniques to encourage collaborative learning. PAL Leaders are not expected to teach or instruct.

PAL Mentoring - PAL Leaders are trained as peer mentors in order to provide pastoral support. They will be matched up with another UWE Bristol student, or small group, and will be expected to arrange regular mentoring sessions. Mentoring meetings are usually confidential.

PAL workshops - PAL Leaders will be trained as workshop facilitators in order to deliver regular workshops on skills which are needed by all students wishing to maximise their academic success. They will be able to deliver workshops on the following topics:

  • emotional resilience
  • academic success (academic skills and support)
  • careers and employability.

Who can apply?

You must be a current UWE Bristol student to apply to become a PAL Leader, and you must apply to a specific scheme.

If you are applying to support modules, programmes or within a technical area, you must check whether you are eligible.

We will release a list of the current schemes when we open recruitment for the 2019/20 scheme.

Any student can apply to be part of the PAL Mentoring and PAL workshop schemes.

Qualities and skills required

We expect all PAL Leaders to demonstrate reliability, honesty, empathy and enthusiasm and we assess these qualities through the recruitment and selection process.

In addition, we are looking for PAL Leaders who will be able to demonstrate all, or most of the following skills:

  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Experience of supporting and helping others
  • Effective self-organisational and time management skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Initiative and resourcefulness.

Training and support

You will receive training before starting your role. This is usually in May or September depending on the role you have applied for.

PAL Leaders are directly managed by the PAL Office.

Every PAL scheme has a dedicated PAL Co-ordinator who is a UWE Bristol member of staff. They support the specific scheme, providing advice and guidance to PAL Leaders as appropriate.

We also have a pool of Senior PAL Leaders with experience in PAL roles. They provide mentoring support to new PAL Leaders.

Payment and hours

PAL Leaders are employed as casual workers by the University and are paid £8.45 per hour, plus holiday pay.

The hours of work are variable depending on the scheme you apply for. Typically, PAL Leaders can expect between one and three hours per week during term time.

How to apply

Applications for the 2018/19 PAL scheme have now closed.

References and Right to Work

Please note that any offer of employment is subject to satisfactory references obtained and successful Right to Work check. When choosing a referee, please choose a UWE Bristol member of staff who knows you well and who would be happy to comment on your ability to fulfil the role of a PAL Leader.

If you have any questions please contact the PAL Office.

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