Unseen disabilities and other medical conditions


The University encourages all applicants and students to disclose any disability and support needs they might have. Without this information we would be unable to offer you the appropriate information, guidance and support to enable you to access your studies eg exam adjustments.

If you have not already disclosed via your application form, you can contact Disability Service.


In order to provide you with support and adjustments to your studies you will need to submit appropriate evidence for your disability or medical condition.

For guidelines on appropriate disability evidence, please visit the Student Finance Eligibility web page.


Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) may be available from your funding body to support your studies. Depending on your eligibility funding can cover such things as study skills tuition, specialist equipment etc.

DSA is non-means tested and is available alongside any other funding you may receive. For more information about DSAs visit the Student Finance website.

DSA support and equipment is normally recommended in a Study Needs Assessment. Once your funding body confirm you are eligible for support, a trained assessor will carry out an assessment of needs. This assessment can be booked through Access West of England which is based on Frenchay Campus.

If you are not eligible for funding from your funding body or you are an international student, UWE Bristol may be able to help you with study support. For more information contact Disability Service.

Study support

The support and equipment you may receive at UWE Bristol is normally decided through your DSA Study Needs Assessment. Depending on your support needs, the following may be applicable to you:

  • Non-medical Helper support could include specialist mentoring etc
  • Provision of assistive technology (equipment and software)
  • Exam adjustments such as extra time, written instruction, prompt etc
  • Printing and photocopying allowances
  • Individual faculties can provide subject specific support through their own Study Skills Centres and PAL sessions

Additional support

If you require additional support, please contact Disability Service who can help you with services such as:

  • accessing an individual fridge for storing medication whilst living in student accommodation
  • assistance moving away from home
  • accessing additional support/arrangements for field trips and placements.

If you are already accessing support from an external provider, UWE Bristol, where possible, can work with you to integrate this support. If you wish to transfer support that you currently receive from Social Services, please discuss this with your social services department.

Campus accessibility

Frenchay Campus has many accessible features including lifts to different levels, automatic doors, tactile flooring and clearly marked accessible routes.

Other UWE Bristol campuses are also accessible, however, due to the age of the buildings there may be some minor navigational issues. We encourage you to visit the campus where your course will be based as this should help you judge whether you will need orientation support.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

While on University premises, you must be able to leave buildings safely in the event of a fire or other emergency.

If you cannot evacuate yourself in an emergency situation and need help to make a safe exit, or if you want to know how your evacuation would work, please contact your Programme Leader. They can set up a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) with you that is tailored to your needs.

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