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Reasonable adjustments

Information on how to apply for a reasonable adjustment to your coursework deadlines due to exceptional circumstances.

If you require additional time to complete a piece of work, you may be able to apply for a five working day extension or a reasonable adjustment to your deadline.

If your circumstances mean you are unable to submit your coursework by the deadline, please find out more about the options available to you – these could include personal circumstances (such as a five working day extension) or the 24-hour window.  

You should notify Disability Service through the reasonable adjustment to deadline request form as soon as you realise you might have difficulty meeting a deadline (at least 24 hours’ notice), as we will need time to consider your request and consult with relevant academic staff.

Reasonable adjustment criteria

You may be eligible for a reasonable adjustment if you meet the below criteria – and you need more than five working days beyond the original deadline to complete the work. If you require five working days or less please request this via the five working day extension process.

Disabled students

1. For disabled students:

  • where you are affected disproportionately, because of your disability, by other illnesses or events


  • where your disability is fluctuating or episodic


  • where your disability, mental health condition, medical condition or specific learning difficulty – such as dyslexia – has been diagnosed within the last six months.

Other students

2. For other students:

  • where you are a primary carer of a disabled person.
  • where you have a temporary disability or shorter but very severe illness with appropriate medical evidence, eg a broken arm which would affect your ability to finish your assignment
  • where you are pregnant or a parent with a baby under six months old.

Application process

If you would like to apply for:

If you have any difficulties or would like to discuss your request, please make an appointment with a Disability Adviser in person at an Information Point or by calling +44(0)117 32 85678.

If you don't meet the reasonable adjustment criteria

There are other options if you do not meet the reasonable adjustment criteria but have experienced something significant that affects your ability to sit an exam or submit a piece of coursework. Please find out more about the options available to you.

Guidelines for deadline adjustments

  • All requests for five working day extensions should be made using the five working day extension process. The only exception to this is applications for adjustments to deadlines for resit coursework, for which you will need to use the reasonable adjustment to deadline form.
  • Any adjusted deadline date will not normally be any later than one week before the relevant Field Board.
  • Longer changes to deadlines (over two weeks) are extremely rare and may be more appropriately dealt with via the University’s personal circumstances policy or through an appointment with a Student Support Adviser.
  • Adjustments to deadlines cannot normally be considered retrospectively, unless there is a compelling reason why you could not apply in advance of the coursework assessment deadline.
  • Where you have been granted a reasonable adjustment to a deadline, or a five working day extension, further adjustments to the deadline for the same piece of work will not normally be considered. However, if there has been an additional impact on your ability to meet the revised deadline, a further adjustment could be considered. You must clearly explain this additional impact when making a further request.
  • Repeated requests for this type of reasonable adjustment throughout your study would involve Disability Service having a detailed review of your existing support.

Postgraduate researchers

  • If you are a postgraduate researcher (PhD, DPhil, MPhil) and you are looking for a reasonable adjustment to a deadline for one of your taught modules, please go ahead and submit the form. If you are looking to discuss a reasonable adjustment to a progress review or final assessment, please contact the Graduate School.

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