How to find out if you have a Specific Learning Difficulty

Get screened

If you have never been assessed before get screened – it is free!

A screening will give you an opportunity to:

  • discuss study and SpLD concerns and your options with a specialist
  • find out if an SpLD could be affecting your studies
  • decide whether or not to have a diagnostic assessment.

For more information, download our screening information booklet. To book your screening contact the Dyslexia/SpLD Service.

Get assessed

If you have had a screening, had a diagnostic assessment before your 16th birthday or are ready to have your first diagnostic assessment get yourself booked in.

A diagnostic assessment will:

  • assess for a variety of SpLDs
  • offer you a better insight into how you learn and may answer questions about why you experience difficulties in your studies
  • make recommendations that have the potential to support your learning and offer strategies that will help you with your studies 
  • if diagnosed with an SpLD your assessment will provide the evidence you need to access appropriate support for you studies.

For more information, download the diagnostic assessment document. To book your assessment contact the Dyslexia/SpLD Service.

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