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Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments for exams

When's the deadline for applying for reasonable adjustments to exams?

Please contact Disability Service before the exam deadline to arrange support. If you miss the deadline, please contact the Disability Service Team for your circumstances to be considered as some reasonable adjustments may still be accommodated.

You can view the deadlines below:

Assessment period Exam special arrangements notification deadline
Assessment period one
7–18 January 2019
Thursday 1 November 2018
Assessment period two: 29 April to 24 May 2019 Friday 5 April 2019
Assessment period three: 15–26 July 2019
 Monday 1 July 2019

How can I check whether my exam adjustments are in place?

Exam reasonable adjustments may include additional time, use of a PC, or sitting in a smaller room.

You can check your approved reasonable adjustments in your myUWE account. Go to the Personal Details tab and check the reasonable adjustments section. Please take note of any relevant start or end dates.

View further information on reasonable adjustments.

Why doesn’t my extra time show on my exam timetable?

If you have extra time for exams, it won’t be reflected on your exam timetable – you will see the standard exam length. The invigilator will have details of your reasonable adjustments.

Your exam timetable will also tell you where to go for your exam.

You can check your approved reasonable adjustments in the Personal Details tab on your myUWE account. You will see details of any reasonable adjustments in this section, under reasonable adjustments. Please take note of any relevant start or end dates.

I need more time to complete my coursework

Find out about your assessment support options, including personal circumstances and the five working day extension.

If your disability has had an impact on your ability to meet a coursework deadline, you may be eligible to apply for a five working day extension.

If you need more than five working days, with appropriate medical evidence you may be able to apply for an adjustment to the deadline.

What other study-related support is available?

Other areas of help available to you includes:

I might need an Access Plan to talk about reasonable adjustments for placements

An Access Plan is a meeting to talk about adjustments, support and strategies for students on professional practice placements. An Access Plan is usually a meeting, but in some cases can be carried out over the phone. If a meeting takes place it would usually be attended by a Disability Adviser, a programme representative and a placement or trust representative, along with the student. 

Your tutor will need to complete an Access Plan request form and send this to Disability Service, who will decide which type of meeting is required and will be in touch to set it up.

Diagnostic assessment

I think I might have dyslexia/dyspraxia

Please read our information on:

Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs)

DSA applications and Study Needs Assessment

What happens after I've applied for DSAs?

Please refer to the step-by-step DSA process. You can contact your funding body, eg Student Finance England, to check that your application has been received.

What type of medical evidence is suitable for my DSA application?

Please read through our information on the medical evidence required to apply for DSAs.

I've already started my course. Can I still apply for DSAs?

You can apply for DSA at any time during your course.

How do I find out how long my DSA application is likely to take?

Applying for DSAs, as the step-by-step DSA process shows. You can contact your funding body, eg Student Finance England, to check that they have received your application and evidence and to find out their current processing times (as it varies at different times of year).

When your application has been reviewed, you will receive a letter confirming whether you are eligible for DSAs.

How do I arrange a Study Need Assessment?

If you are eligible for DSAs, you will receive a letter advising you to book a Study Needs Assessment. Your letter will explain how you can find a local Study Needs Assessment Centre so you can be assessed. Find out more about the Study Needs Assessment.

UWE Bristol has an assessment centre called Access West of England (AWE). You can see appointment availability, booking details and contact information on the AWE section of the website.

Please read our information on the assessment process to find out what will happen in your assessment.

It’s been three weeks since my Study Needs Assessment and I haven’t heard from my funding body

You can contact your funding body to check that your Study Needs Assessment report has been received and to find out the current processing times (this varies at different times of year).

Equipment and arranging support funded by DSA

I’ve had my DSA entitlement confirmed by letter. How do I order my equipment?

Your letter will confirm the supplier of your equipment and will give contact details and a quote number. You will need to contact the supplier and provide the quote number, then they will arrange delivery of the equipment with you.

I’ve had my DSA entitlement confirmed by letter. How do I arrange my support?

Your letter will confirm the suppliers of your support and give their contact details. You will need to contact each supplier and ask to set up your support. You may need to provide a copy of the letter as part of the process.

If the supplier of your support is UWE Bristol, you can contact the relevant services through the below links:

I'm having problems with the equipment I got through DSAs

If you are experiencing problems with equipment ordered through DSAs, you will need to contact your equipment supplier. They can advise whether your equipment is still under warranty, and if they are able to repair or replace the equipment.

Your supplier’s contact details will be on the letter you received from your funding body confirming your DSA entitlements.

If the equipment is no longer under warranty, you may need to contact your Study Needs Assessor. You can find their name and contact details on your Study Needs Assessment report.

Accessible car parking

I’m not a blue badge holder. How do I arrange accessible parking?

If you don’t have a Blue Badge but need to park on campus, or closer to the building/s where your teaching takes place, contact Disability Service. You will need to include supporting medical evidence with your request which confirms the reason you need accessible car parking.

You can email your request to disability@uwe.ac.uk or visit us at 1D15 on Frenchay Campus. We’re open Monday to Fridays from 09:00–16:00. 

To find out more about accessible car parking, please read our information on types of support: disabled car parking, or contact Disability Service.

I'm a blue badge holder. How do I arrange access to car parks?

Please contact an Information Point or Disability Service to request access permissions.

For information on how and where to park, please see our information for blue badge holders.

Funding body contacts

How to get in touch with your funding body:

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