About assistive technology

Assistive technology support available at UWE Bristol.

What is assistive technology?

The term ‘assistive technology’ covers many things such as text-to-speech and voice recognition software, video magnifiers, keyboards, computer mice, wrist rests and grips for pens.

Assistive technology can help everyone. For example, mind-mapping software can help with planning, research and assignments. Text-to-speech programs can help check work for spelling errors, sense and structure.

There is a wide range of assistive technology available at UWE Bristol, including software on the network and for loan; plus digital voice recorders, assistive listening devices, ergonomic keyboards, computer mice, and hand-held magnifiers.

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Alternative formats

The library can produce books and journals in an alternative format if you have a print disability, such as a visual impairment or dyslexia. Text can be provided in PDF, Microsoft Word, DAISY or audio. We can also change fonts, alter line-spacing and print on coloured paper.


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