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Academic Personal Tutor programme

Having an Academic Personal Tutor for the duration of your course is an integral part of study at UWE Bristol.

All first year students will have access to a designated personal tutor. The tutor will be an academic member of staff who will have access to information on the performance and profile of the student, allowing them to effectively support students' personal and academic development.

UWE Bristol subscribes to the National Union of Students Charter on personal tutoring.

What will the Academic Personal Tutor do?

Academic Personal Tutors are there to discuss a student's progress and provide ongoing support for the student in addition to the tuition on their programme and modules.

Generally, they will review with the student their progress, identify goals for development, and will signpost students to opportunities that may help the student in their personal development, though as each student is treated as an individual the balance of these topics will be different for each person.

Tutors will discuss and agree with the student at the first meetings how they can best support the student through their studies according to the individual needs of each student.

What should students be prepared to discuss with their Tutor?

A meeting with an Academic Personal Tutor is designed to be flexible allowing students to discuss academic concerns and queries that they wish to cover. Students will have normally agreed with their tutor what will be the main themes of discussion that will be covered in the first meetings with their Tutor.

The Tutor is there to encourage students to be able to reflect on their progress on their course and identify where they believe they need support – the Tutor can then provide that support, or direct students to other appropriate support within the University.

How will students meet with their Tutor?

Recognising that face to face meetings are not always the most convenient, sometimes it may be appropriate for meetings to be scheduled virtually, whether by Lync, telephone, Skype etc. Arrangements will be made individually with each student.

How often will students be scheduled to meet their Tutor?

At least 90 minutes in the first year (which could be three sessions of 30 minutes) then twice for 30 minutes each in the second and third years.

Are there issues that a Tutor will not be able to help with?

Yes. The key role of a Tutor is to provide support for students' academic development. If a student needs support on an administrative or non-academic welfare matter, then they should contact Student Advisers as they would do at present at any point during their studies. Personal Tutors will be able to direct students to these services when relevant.

Will students keep the same Tutor for all their years of study?

We hope that would be the case, but where it isn’t possible there will be a record system to ensure that students are properly 'handed over' from one tutor to the next. In the final year, it may be more appropriate for students to change tutors to better match them with an academic who could support a final year dissertation for example.

What happens if a student feels they are not getting on with their Tutor?

Students should arrange to see the Programme Leader/Manager who will discuss with the student a suitable resolution, which could include allocating a new Tutor.

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