Fire safety

It's important to be aware of fire safety arrangements when you're on UWE Bristol premises.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the escape routes from areas that you normally use.

If you discover a fire:

  • sound the fire alarm using the nearest red call point 
  • evacuate immediately if the fire alarm activates, closing doors behind you
  • don't use the lifts if the fire alarm is sounding
  • always make your way to the signed evacuation areas – move well away from the building and don’t loiter near the entrances
  • don't go back into the building until authorised.

Fire Action Notices are provided across our campuses to remind you of the action to take in the event of a fire.

Students with a disability

If you can't evacuate yourself in an emergency situation and need assistance to make a safe exit, please contact your Faculty Programme Leader or Disability Service for advice and support. They can develop a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) with you that's tailored to your needs.

Your faculty's responsible for ensuring that the actions identified in your PEEP are implemented, and will make sure that any extra support you need is provided.

If you cannot use stairs during a fire

We have a refuge evacuation procedure in place if you need assistance to evacuate because of stairs. Trained security staff will use specialist evacuation equipment (an Evac+Chair) to safely evacuate you.

Refuge evacuation film

Refuge points give people with a disability a temporary place of safety during a fire and they offer a line of communication to security staff.

This short film demonstrates the refuge evacuation procedure we use when there's a confirmed fire and we've been told that someone's in the refuge.

Fire safety equipment

We have provided fire safety equipment to protect and warn you and other building users in a fire emergency situation.

All doors marked as ‘Fire door keep shut’ or ‘fire door keep locked’ must be kept closed – they must not be propped or wedged open.

Please don't damage, tamper, move or cover any fire equipment including extinguishers, smoke sensors and alarms. Interfering with the equipment that's there to ensure life safety can lead to devastating consequences.

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