Registration frequently asked questions

From fees to timetables, find out where to get help with all your registration-related questions.

Student finance and fees

What are the options for paying my fees?

There are a number of ways you can pay your fees, whether you’re a home student or international student.

Am I eligible for the UWE Bursary? When's it paid?

Check if you’re eligible for the UWE Bursary and when payments are sent out.

When will I receive my maintenance loan?

New students

Maintenance funding for first year students will not be released on your first day at University. You should ensure you have available funds until your first loan payment is made to you.

Providing your application is approved and the declaration is returned, your registration will be confirmed to Student Finance once you have attended one of our UWE Bristol Registration events. This will release your first loan instalment within three to five working days.

Returning students

You will be contacted during August about registering for the new academic year. Once you've completed your online registration we will submit the registration confirmation to Student Finance and this will release the maintenance funding at the beginning of term.

Please note: this will only release the funding providing your application is approved and the student declaration has been returned.

What is the difference between a 'Registration Confirmation' and an 'Attendance Confirmation'?

The Registration Confirmation releases a maintenance loan directly to you, the student.

If you have applied for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance, UWE Bristol will need to send an Attendance Confirmation to Student Finance in order to receive the tuition fee payments. We send the Attendance Confirmation at the beginning of each term (three times per year), so please do not panic if you see this status within the portal during the academic year.

Please note: If your registration has been confirmed to Student Finance but the status on the Student Finance portal is ‘Awaiting Attendance Confirmation’, this will not delay your maintenance loan payment.

Where do I send my Post Graduate Student Finance letter in order to schedule my fee payments correctly?

You need to send your Post graduate Student Finance letter to the Credit Control Team at and they can arrange the correct payment dates to match when you receive the payment from Student Finance.

What do I do if I'm receiving an error message on myUWE?

If you're eligible for funding from the Student Loans Company (SLC) and receive a message in myUWE saying it's unable to calculate your fees, this means we've not received your funding details from the SLC just yet. So for now, sit tight and try again in a week or so.

When do I need to provide confirmation of funding?

Student Finance may have told you to provide an Information Point with confirmation of your funding - please keep hold of your letter for now, as we don't need to see proof of your funding just yet. When we do, we'll let you know by email.

Where can I direct my queries?

If you have a fee-related query, please complete the fees self-help form (login required) and we'll get back to you.

Timetables and modules

When's my timetable released?

You should be able to access your personal timetable within 48 hours of receiving your UWE Bristol login details. Please read our timetable publication guidance for further information.

Where will I find my timetable?

You can see your timetable in myUWE. Under the “Courses” tab there’s a tab for “Teaching Timetable” - or on mobile.

I don’t understand my timetable. Can you help?

Check the myUWE guidance on formats and interpreting your timetable.

View information on term dates and week numbers.

Please note that timetables in myUWE automatically default to view the current week which, if you don’t have any teaching taking place this week, can make it appear that you have no timetable. In order to show your timetable you’ll need to change the week to your first teaching week - for most students this will be from week nine onwards.

Can I request a module change?

First year students can’t make changes to modules. All other students should visit Online Module Choice to submit or apply to change option modules at the beginning of each relevant study period. There are also details of when changes can be made and the deadlines on the module choice frequently asked questions.

Can I request to move something around on my timetable? 

If you’re a first year student you can’t make changes to the timings of your sessions. If you’re eligible, you can request changes to teaching activities through the Activity Group Change Request at the beginning of each relevant study period.

I’m returning from a suspension of my studies. When will I be able to register and get my timetable?

If you’re returning to study after a period of ‘suspension’ and have informed the University of your intention the 'Registration' tab in myUWE will be available to you from September 2019. If you’ve notified us of a course transfer during your ‘suspension’, this will be reflected in your re-registration.


I've transferred course but why isn’t my new course showing yet?

Once approved, transfer requests are updated regularly so please check again in a couple of days. 

How can I request to transfer to a different course?

Please have a look at our information on changing courses as there are several things to consider first. We also advise that you speak to a Student Support Adviser to talk about any implications.


Why isn’t my placement showing on my record?

Recent placement agreements will take a few days to action and show in MyUWE.

Sandwich courses

Why is my course showing me as on a sandwich course?

This is because the course is normally designated as a sandwich degree and all students are registered as sandwich until they decide not to take a placement in their third year and transfer at that point to the full-time route of the course.

Registering on two programmes at once

Why can’t I register on my next course?

You can’t register online on a new course if you’re still on a current course (for example, pre-sessional English). You’ll be able to register on your next course once it has been confirmed that you have completed the original one, or you can contact your Faculty SAT team for further assistance.

Name changes

How do I change the name on my record?

Not all name changes will be allowed. At UWE Bristol, students are registered under their given name(s) and their family name. In the UK, the name will always be given name(s) first followed by the family name eg:

Given name: John

Middle name: Henry

Family name: Doe

Registered name: John Henry Doe.

Your UWE Bristol student ID card will only show two names (given name followed by family name). View further guidance on your personal details.

DBS checks

How do I complete my Data Barring Service (DBS)?

You should contact admissions about setting this up.

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