Quality Assurance

This page lists guidance and documentation about governance procedures, solutions and systems used by UWE Bristol to ensure regulatory compliance for professional practice placements.

Professional practice placements

Practice placements used by professional programmes across departments of the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at UWE Bristol, must meet the requirements of the statutory regulatory organisations such as NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) or HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council).

The information provided on this page will help ensure that our professional practice placements meet the quality assurance standards by using the Faculty strategies and information that is monitored through the university policy systems and that of the placement providers.

Quality assurance standards

The QA standards set out by professional regulatory organisations define the requirements and roles for both education and placement providers.

Placement quality assurance 

Placement quality monitoring and enhancement is an ongoing process and requires regular and frequent reviews of the standards in practice. The reviews ensures quality is maintained and also developed, and this is achieved through annual reporting as best practice.

The reporting system consists of an educational audit process for an effective practice learning culture.

Placement audit and profile

Placement audits inform on the maintenance or improvements to the student practice placement experience through the provision of evidence of standard level met and highlights areas of potential concerns or agreed actions.

Placement profiles contain comprehensive information for students about their next placement so they can be better prepared. Profiles are often updated at the same time as the audit, to reflect the frequent changes that take place in a placement area.

Initial audit

An initial audit is required for all new placements and is jointly undertaken by a UWE Bristol representative and by a practice placement partner. 

Self-assessment audit

Self-assessment audits are required for all existing placements, in the process of re-auditing a placement. This is completed by the placement provider at regular time intervals. It is then disseminated appropriately at all levels to ensure learning from good practice.

Placement profile

The placement profile represents the exact status of a practice placement at a set moment in time, it sets out the placement structure in our ARC database and it is the only information students can view. Please update the placement profile each time you re-audit a placement.

Audit web portal

Our audit web portal is now live and is available to all existing ARC PEP© users and can be accessed using your current work email address and password. To undertake audit you will need editing permissions. Go to the single sign on page for ARCPEP and Audit (login required).

For new ARC PEP© and Audit users please contact your UWE Bristol Academic in Practice if you have any queries about using the web application.

For those not yet using ARC PEP© you will be provided with a login for these systems on completion of the new placement and system users access request form. Please contact your UWE Bristol Academic in Practice with any queries.

See our guide to the audit tool  for more information.

Further information

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