Mentor update and training

Triennial Mentor Review Form

The NMC requires organisations to ensure that all their nursing mentors, sign off mentors and practice teachers have a 3 yearly review known as the Triennial Review.

Mentor update workshops

To book a mentor update workshop training session for the Nursing and Midwifery programme, please fill out this registration form. We will normally send a confirmation of your booking within five working days.

Mentor update workbook

Complete and return the mentor update activity sheet located at the end of the workbook to the Professional Practice Office.

Mentor update 2017-18

PowerPoint presentation used for face to face mentor updates.

Online Mentor update

Complete your online mentor update. Please choose one update method from the two available online e-learning resources below. When you have completed your online update, please register by emailing  stating your name, place of work and trust.  Please write ‘slides’ or ‘video’ in the subject line.

  1. Online Mentor update (slide show only – no audio)
  2. Online Mentor update (video presentation with audio)

You can use the following documents to record your mentor activities and self-assessment during the update:

Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice (FLAP)

The Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice module is intended to meet the needs of all Health Care Professionals who may mentor, assess or supervise a student within their chosen profession.

FLAP Non Credit and Pebble Pad

YouTube video providing information about how to use PebblePad for the new Non Credit bearing (NCB) Facilitating and Learning in Assessment Course (FLAP).

Practice Learning and Student Support (PL+SS)

The Practice Learning and Student Support module is intended to enable a range of Allied Health Professionals to mentor, assess or supervise a student within their area of practice.

Library help for mentors

We have prepared a short podcast below to give mentors information about useful library resources that are available.

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