Practice documentation for Physiotherapy

Documentation is regularly updated throughout the year so please use the documents below rather than the hard copies in student folders that may be out of date.

Continuous Practice Assessment (CPA) forms should be completed electronically, printed off and signed by the educator then given to the student to submit. It is advisable for both the educator and the student to keep a copy. Further information for supporting reflective practice is available on the Programme information page.

All years

Grading in Practice (placements 3a and 3b)

From September 2017 onwards, all physiotherapy practice educators will need to complete this quiz successfully (with all questions answered correctly) before they can support third year physiotherapy students.

This is to ensure as much standardisation and rigour as possible, as the marks for placements 3a and 3b will be contributing towards the degree classification as part of the 15 credit Physiotherapy Practice module. You can complete the quiz as many times as necessary until you get all answers correct but it is likely to be only twice as you get the full answers at the end of the first attempt.

All educators are encouraged to complete the assessment in line with best practice but it will only be mandatory for those taking third year students. We will then get a record of all the completed attempts, and you can print off evidence of successful completion for your CPD portfolio.

Take the grading in practice quiz.

First years only

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