Information for parents and supporters

It’s an exciting moment when your loved one gets a place at university, but then you might start getting a bit nervous. It’s not just a big change for your student, but for you as well. After all, you’ve been supporting them for years and years, knowing this moment would come, but now it's here.

So, how do you help them now? The transition to university can present several challenges for students – adjusting to independent living, academics, and a new social life – all without the comfort of close friends and relatives. But, over time, you’ll find that the initial difficulties faced by your student will settle with the support of those around them.

Top tips

  1. Be your child's trusted adviser. Fully support them, but get out of the way. Listen to their woes and help them figure out where to go for help on campus. There are many professional people working here to support our students. Check out the students’ section to see what support we offer.
  2. Don’t project your anxiety. They have enough on their minds with new flatmates and surroundings.
  3. Try not to worry too much… and don’t keep calling. You might even ask how often they would like to speak when they first move to university.
  4. Talk and ask about potentially uncomfortable things: alcohol and drugs, relationships, mental health. Remind them that there are resources on campus for just about everything, and encourage your child to use them.
  5. Sign up for our parents and supporters newsletter. This will be sent out a few times each term and give you an indication of what your student might be going through.

Who to contact if you have questions

All of our contact telephone numbers are available on the Contact UWE Bristol web page. Data protection laws restrict our ability to share information about our students with anybody, including parents. So unless there is an emergency situation where we are acting in the vital interests of the student, we aren’t able to discuss your student’s academic or personal progress at UWE Bristol.

Who to contact if you have urgent welfare concerns

If you are a parent, carer or family member with urgent concerns about the welfare of a UWE Bristol student, please call:

  • +44(0)7788 725507 (Monday-Thursday 8:30-17:00, Friday 8:30-16:30)
  • +44(0)7814 791212 (weekends and other times).

Please note that these numbers are for urgent welfare concerns only. For other enquiries please call +44 (0)117 9656261 (24 hours, including weekends).

Wellbeing information for parents, guardians and friends

Our Wellbeing Service has a host of resources for you to help you support your students’ wellbeing.

Parent’s guide to student accommodation

Our Accommodation Service has pulled together a guide for parents who have children living in UWE Bristol accommodation.

UWE Bristol has tools for student success

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