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Frequently asked questions

If you have a query please have a look at the frequently asked questions below or contact us for support.

What's the Wellbeing Service?

The Wellbeing Service is part of UWE Bristol’s Student and Partnership Services and offers counselling, mental health and specialist mentoring support for students during their studies.

We offer a range of services, from one-to-one sessions with specially trained Wellbeing Practitioners to Wellbeing Workshops, to help your individual self-development needs.

I'm unsure what to expect from contacting the Wellbeing Service

Appointments with Wellbeing staff will involve you talking about yourself, but it is completely up to each individual as to how much they want to tell the Wellbeing Counsellor, Mental Health Practitioner or Specialist Mentor.

How do I register with the Wellbeing Service?

Please complete the wellbeing registration form. The registration will help us to place you within the most suitable part of the service for your needs.

If for any reason you have trouble completing the registration form, please contact the Wellbeing Service on +44 (0)117 32 86268. We are able to book an appointment face-to-face or over the telephone to help you complete the form with one of our practitioners.

What happens after I register online?

We will usually contact you via email the following working day. Please look out for the email (it will be sent to the primary email account you gave on your registration form) for further instructions about how to book your initial Therapeutic Consultation.

Sometimes we will call you after receiving your application to help you set up an appointment. If we do call you it will be from a withheld or private number.

What if I haven't heard from the Wellbeing Service following registration?

If you have not heard from us within three to four working days of your application, please call us on +44 (0)117 32 86268 in order to set up your appointment. It may be that the invitation email wasn’t received or went to your junk folder.

If this is the case, we will welcome a call from you to set up your Therapeutic Consultation.

What's a Therapeutic Consultation?

A Therapeutic Consultation (TC) is an initial assessment with one of the Senior Wellbeing Practitioners. The appointment will last 90 minutes and is an opportunity to discuss anything on your registration form in greater detail and to set goals to help you address any issues raised.

It will also be an opportunity to discuss further services such as counselling, mental health and specialist mentoring support.

How long will it take to get a Therapeutic Consultation?

Please note that waiting times for appointments can vary depending on the time of year and your own timetable flexibility. However, you should be able to get an appointment within two weeks of applying.

If you would prefer an appointment earlier than the one offered to you, you can also ask to be placed on our waiting list for appointment cancellations.

What should I do if I need to talk to someone urgently?

A Duty Practitioner is available during opening hours Monday to Friday for urgent matters. For a complete list of opening hours, please see our contact page.

Please call the Wellbeing Service on +44 (0)117 32 86268 and speak to the Administration Team to arrange a duty phone call.

You will receive a call back from one of the Duty Practitioners the same day, but please bear in mind there may be a wait for a call back depending on demand that day.

If you need to urgently talk to someone outside of business hours, please call the NHS 111 service to obtain an out-of-hours GP appointment, or call the Samaritans on +44 (0)117 983 1000 or 0845 790 9090.

Can I see a different Wellbeing Practitioner once I've started sessions?

Yes, if for any reason you would like to see a different Wellbeing Practitioner then please contact the Wellbeing Administration team who will be able to place you with a different Wellbeing Practitioner following your initial, or any subsequent, appointments.

However, we do recommend continuity of practice (seeing the same person over a period of sessions) in order to make progress.

Can I see the same Wellbeing Practitioner for all of my sessions?

Yes, you should be able to see the same Wellbeing Practitioner for further follow-up sessions depending on their availability. When you call up to book we will usually look to book you with the same Practitioner depending on your assessment at the TC stage.

If you are assessed as requiring a different service than can be offered by your current Wellbeing Practitioner, we may need to change the person you are seeing. We try, wherever possible, to judge from your registration form which service you require to avoid this. 

Some of our Counsellors only work during term time; you may wish to discuss this with them if they are planning on taking leave, or not working during the summer. Our core team works throughout the summer, so you can still be seen out of term time.

What if my Wellbeing Practitioner of choice is fully booked?

In some busier periods, your Wellbeing Practitioner of choice may be booked up a few weeks ahead. We are usually able to offer you an appointment with a different Wellbeing Practitioner.

If you are happy to wait a few weeks, we will schedule you in for a future appointment with your Wellbeing Practitioner of choice.

Will you share information with other departments, services, family or friends?

When you apply to the Wellbeing Service, you will sign a Privacy Statement – please read this statement for full guidance on how your information is stored.

We will not share information about your accessing the Wellbeing Service, or any content from your sessions, with other departments, services, family or friends.

If we feel sharing information would be useful, we will contact you directly to ask you to sign a consent form gaining your explicit permission to be able to do so.

In some exceptional circumstances, in which we have serious concerns about you or someone else, we are able to share information with your GP or other NHS services, guided by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) ethical framework.

Do you keep records of my sessions?

Yes, your Wellbeing Practitioner will keep notes on all of the sessions that you attend and any contact they have with you or other services. This information will be stored securely by the Wellbeing Service and will not be shared unless we have explicit consent to do so.

We will keep records of your sessions for up to seven academic years before they will be destroyed.

How can I give feedback on the service I receive?

If you have a complaint about our service, please contact our team in the first instance and they'll do their best to resolve it for you. Please ask to speak with the Head or Deputy Head of Service on +44 (0)117 328 6268. You may also wish to refer to the UWE Bristol Complaints Procedure.

We welcome feedback; you can help us improve by completing our anonymous feedback survey, or by contacting us via email at or phone +44 (0)117 32 86268.

You will be invited to take part in a short survey following each session you attend (it will take no more that 1-2 minutes) and every year we send out a satisfaction survey. You are welcome to send us your views about how we can improve the service at any point.

Will I need to complete a new registration form each academic year?

Yes, we ask all students to complete a new registration form each academic year to ensure that we hold the most up-to-date details for you.

If, for any reason, you have difficulty completing the registration form, please contact the Wellbeing Service to arrange a time to complete the process with a Practitioner.

Can the Wellbeing Service write a personal circumstances (formerly called extenuating circumstances) letter to support an extension for exams or coursework?

We are unable to provide supporting evidence of personal circumstances (formally called extenuating circumstances) for students who do not already attend the Wellbeing Service.

If you have been seeing a Wellbeing Practitioner, Counsellor or Specialist Mentor for something which is affecting your studies, please submit your personal circumstances application and state that you have been receiving support from the Wellbeing Service. You do not need an appointment with us to request evidence.

I've finished my course. Can I still access the Wellbeing Service?

You are able to access the Wellbeing Service until the end of your final term. If for any reason you need to re-sit part of your course, you are able to access the Wellbeing Service whilst you complete your studies.

Does the Wellbeing Service recommend any private practitioners?

The Wellbeing Service is unable to make any recommendations for private practitioners.

We are able to suggest that you look at a local directory or the BACP website to find a counsellor with expertise in the area you are wishing to focus on, or you may wish to contact a local charity much as Bristol Mind.

What happens after you contact the Wellbeing Service with a concern about a student?

If you contact the Wellbeing Service with concerns about a student, the information will be passed to a Duty Practitioner who may wish to talk with you in order to assess the situation.

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