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Student safety

Guidance on fire safety, first aid and reporting accidents to help you to stay safe during your time at UWE Bristol.


In the event of an emergency, please phone the University’s emergency number, which is +44 (0)117 328 9999 on a mobile phone or 9999 if you’re using a telephone connected to the University network. There are emergency red phones on campus for you to have direct contact with security staff.

Your call will be answered as a priority by staff trained to respond appropriately and provide assistance. They'll also arrange to guide emergency services to your location.

Fire safety

Please familiarise yourself with our fire safety advice, which includes evacuation support for students with a disability.

First aid

If you or someone you’re with is in need of first aid treatment, please check the closest first aid notice to you for contact details of nearby first aiders. First aid notices are displayed on walls throughout the University, so you should find one near your location.

If you can’t locate a first aider, please call the University's emergency number +44 (0)117 328 9999 on a mobile, or 9999 if you’re using a telephone on the UWE Bristol network.

Please note: First aiders are only permitted to administer first aid. They cannot treat minor illnesses.

Defibrillator locations and use

During a first aid emergency call, there’s a chance that you may be advised to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). You won’t need training to use one, as they work through voice commands. The Ambulance Centre will advise you on the closest defibrillator to you.

Take a look at defibrillator locations on our campuses and learn more about their use.

Reporting accidents or near-misses

The University cares about our staff, students and those who visit us. We need to know if there’s an injury or ill health, however minor. This isn't to apportion blame, but to learn why it happened to prevent it happening again.

You can report an accident or near-miss (an incident with the potential for injury) to any member of staff, and they'll complete an online accident report form on your behalf. This could be your programme leader, Information Point staff or student accommodation staff. Accident reports are submitted electronically to the University’s Health and Safety Team ( who will ensure an investigation is completed to prevent further injury or recurrence. 

If you see something unsafe

You can report anything that appears unsafe on a campus, either in person at an Information Point or by contacting the Estates and Facilities Helpdesk:

Contacting campus security

Please report crimes, security incidents or suspicious behaviour on university premises to our Security Team. View campus security contacts.

Report and Support tool

Our Report and Support tool will help you speak up when you see or hear something that's not right. You can choose to speak with one of our trained advisers so they can discretely investigate incidents, or you can report anonymously. You can also access guidance.

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