Students sitting in an outside social area where smoking is banned

Smokefree campus

Large parts of the University are smokefree as part of our commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment for all staff and students.

Smoking is already prohibited in all UWE Bristol buildings. Our Smokefree policy now prohibits smoking within ten metres of all university buildings, so creating a smokefree space.

Operations and Security staff will be patrolling to make sure that smokers are aware of where they can and cannot smoke.

Where can I smoke?

If you wish to smoke you will need to move ten metres from University buildings. 


The use of e-cigarettes is prohibited inside all UWE Bristol buildings.

E-cigarettes can be used within the smokefree areas highlighted above, but away from doorways and windows so it does not affect other students and staff. A recent Public Health England report identified e-cigarettes as a game changer for public health, and 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco.  

Additional information

If you would like to quit smoking the NHS and Tobacco Free Life have useful resources, support and guidance available to help you stop.

Smokefree success story

Read about one student’s experience of using a Smokefree Clinic and how it helped him to kick the habit for good.

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