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If you consider that an individual is at immediate risk of harm, and senior staff in Student Services/Human Resources are not available to respond, call the police on 999 as a top priority.

Key principles

The University is committed to supporting and promoting the welfare of staff, students and visitors and is committed to the provision of a safe environment conducive to work, study and the enjoyment of a positive experience for all members of its community.

The University will take all safeguarding concerns, including suspicions and allegations of exploitation, harm or abuse, seriously and will conduct a risk assessment as soon as possible. View our Safeguarding policy. If the concern is found to be valid, the University will promptly make a referral to the relevant statutory authority.

Raising a safeguarding concern

If you are concerned that an individual is at risk of harm, abuse or exploitation please do not walk by.

If your concern relates to a student at the University

Please contact the Student Policy team who deal with safeguarding concerns on behalf of the Director of Student services, who is the University Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Contact details:

If your concern relates to an individual you are in contact with through placement or work-based learning

You should contact in the first instance the Designated Safeguarding Officer at your workplace.

If this this is not appropriate or does not lead to a satisfactory response, please contact UWE Bristol’s Student Policy team (see contact details above).

If your concern relates to a member of staff

Please contact Debbie England, Director of Human Resources:

What are safeguarding concerns?

Examples of the type of situations which may result in the University implementing this policy and procedure may include:

  • A child or adult raises an allegation of abuse, harm or other inappropriate bahaviour.
  • A student or staff member discloses information involving themselves or family members which gives rise to possible concerns that a potential perpetrator may be harming or abusing vulnerable individuals.
  • There are suspicions or indicators that a child or adult is being abused or harmed or is at risk of exploitation, harm or abuse (including radicalisation).
  • There are observable changes in a child or adult’s appearance or behaviour that may be related to exploitation, harm or abuse (including radicalisation).

Next steps

If, after initial discussion with you, it is felt that the concern needs to be investigated further, a case conference will be called, normally within no more than three working days. All involved will be required to keep information relating to the case strictly confidential.

The case conference will be chaired by a senior member of Student Services and lead to a decision whether to refer the individual to the relevant statutory agency.

Any other action identified as a result of the concern being raised (eg internal referral to support services) will be managed by the Student Policy team. Approval from the University’s Designated Safeguarding Officer will be sought before any decision to refer externally is implemented.

Safeguarding guidance for staff

If you are a member of staff please read the Guidance on safeguarding document for further information.

Prevent student consultation

View the Prevent student consultation. This is our student consultation on the University's response to the Prevent Duty.

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