Feel good february

Feel Good February

Feel Good February is a month of health and wellbeing initiatives across UWE Bristol to help students and staff get active and feel great!

This year each week focused on a different theme, each one being beneficial to your wellbeing. Other 'Feel Good' events run throughout the year:  

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  • Week 1: Relax

    • Talk, seek help, and engage in activities that benefit your mental health.
    • Everybody deserves a break –taking time out can re-energise you.
    • Manage your stress levels with self-care strategies that work for you.
    • Everyone has their own ways to relax – we’ll empower you to find yours.
  • Week 2: Get active

    • Exercise boosts your mood by releasing ‘feel good’ endorphins.
    • Regular activity is a great way to manage stress and let off some steam.
    • Get outdoors it’s proven to be really beneficial for your mental health.
    • Connect with others at an exercise class, sports club or group walk.
  • Week 3: Try something new

    • We have a huge range of exciting activities you can get involved in at UWE Bristol.
    • Challenge yourself with a new activity - you’ll leave feeling accomplished.
    • Connect with new people who share your interests.
    • Get involved in your community - you’ll feel an improved sense of wellbeing.
  • Week 4: Eat well

    • How energised and healthy you feel is down to how you fuel your body.
    • Try going veggie or vegan to help the environment.
    • Stay hydrated for a healthy body and a clear mind.
    • Eat a balanced diet for good mental and physical health.

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