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UWE Bristol Go Global Bursary

The UWE Go Global Bursary offers financial assistance to UWE Bristol undergraduate students who are looking to work, study or volunteer abroad. Applications for the 2018 Go Global Bursary will open in phases.

Go Global Bursary scheme

The Bursary pays £500 for European and £1,000 for international opportunities. You'll need to demonstrate that the activity is going to be beneficial to your future employment prospects.

Examples of activities that last at least two weeks which must take place outside of the UK include:

The Go Global Bursary isn't available for study abroad opportunities, which attract Erasmus funding. If you're a study abroad student who doesn't receive Erasmus funding you can apply for the Go Global Bursary. 

View information about studying abroad, including details of funding support.

Eligibility for the Go Global Bursary

The Go Global Bursary is open to full-time undergraduate students from lower income backgrounds. Please read the following criteria before you proceed with your application:

  • You haven't previously received the UWE Go Global Bursary.
  • You're a UWE Bristol undergraduate student.
  • You're a home student. If you're unsure of your student status, please view information on how to determine your fee status.
  • Your global opportunity lasts at least two weeks.
  • You've been means tested for your student funding for the 2017–18 academic year.
  • You're a current UK domiciled undergraduate student at the point of making your application for the bursary. We'll accept applications from current final year students but you need to have completed your activity by Friday 31 August 2018.

If the answer is yes to all of the above, please proceed with your application (view details in the below How to apply section) for the detailed student finance funding figures needed to determine your full eligibility.

Please note: The bursary eligibility criteria has changed slightly compared to previous years.

Other things to consider

You'll also need to have:

  • registered for the UWE Futures Award (if eligible)
  • fully researched the overseas opportunity, even when it has been advertised via UWE Bristol
  • fully completed the Overseas Activity Form and other relevant forms relating to your activity
  • a letter/formal email from the organisation/employer confirming your offer
  • agreed to share updates from your time abroad (via social media or blogs) and provide these to the Go Global Team.


The bursary won't be available to:

  • part-time students
  • postgraduate students
  • non-home students
  • students going overseas to participate in a UWE Study Abroad exchange programme which receives Erasmus funding.

How to apply

Check your Go Global Bursary eligibility

To start your application, please complete the Confirming your Employability Activity form (InfoHub login required). Once you've completed it, you'll be directed to the Go Global Bursary Eligibility checker.

If you're eligible, you'll then receive an email inviting you to complete the Go Global Bursary Application form and the Overseas Activity form.

Phase one – December 2017 applications

The deadline for submitting the Go Global Bursary Application form and the Overseas Activity Form was Monday 18 December 2017. If you completed these two forms after the appropriate deadline, we'll process your application in phase two (see below).

If you were a successful phase one applicant, we told you and made award payments (subject to fund availability).

Phase two – February 2018 applications

The deadline for submit both your Go Global Bursary application form and the Overseas Activity Form was Friday 30 March 2018.

If you're a successful phase two applicant, we'll aim to tell you and make award payments by Monday 30 April 2018.

Phase three – May 2018 applications

The Go Global Bursary will re-open for the final round of applications in May 2018. Due to high levels of applications, we only have limited funds left.

To apply, you must complete and submit both your Go Global Bursary application form and the Overseas Activity Form by Sunday 6 May 2018.

If you're a successful phase three applicant, we'll aim to tell you and make award payments by Sunday 9 June 2018.

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