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Go Global financial support

You can apply for funding for your Go Global project if you fulfil certain requirements.

Global projects financial support

The Go Global Team have identified a range of trusted global providers who offer safe, ethical, good value opportunities that deliver positive outcomes for students and communities.

All the opportunities listed below qualify for the UWE Bristol Employability Bursary for eligible students.

To apply for the UWE Bristol Employability Bursary you must successfully secure a place on one of the activities, and then have it approved by UWE Bristol. 

UWE Bristol Go Global overseas projects – how to apply

  • Spain Internships - Apply directly on Spain Internships’ Website. UWE Bristol will sign your Traineeship Agreement after you have secured your preferred role.
  • Pagoda Projects - Apply via Pagoda Projects’ UWE Bristol Portal (password – Frenchay). The UWE Bristol Go Global team will be informed of your application and will let you know if you are eligible for a funded programme.
  • East African Playgrounds volunteer programme - Apply for the playground building volunteer project on East African Playgrounds’ website. Please note that the Gorilla Trek is not eligible for UWE Employability Bursary funding.
  • SLV Global - Apply directly on SLV. Global’s website.
  • Think Pacific - Apply via Think Pacific’s UWE Bristol project page.

Approval of activities

Once you have applied for and secured your place on an activity, you’ll need to request approval from UWE Bristol by completing the Employability Activity Confirmation (InfoHub login required).

Employability Activity Confirmation

We'll provide updates to your UWE Bristol email as your activity details are processed and notify you when your activity has been approved. Your payment will be released following approval.

Other eligible activities

The UWE Bristol Employability Bursary is an opportunity to secure funding for a wide range of employability-related activities in the UK as well as overseas. For a full list of all the eligible activities, visit the Financial Support from UWE Bristol page.

Contact us

For any queries regarding the UWE Bristol Go Global projects detailed above please contact the Go Global team on

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