Volunteers at a water security programme

UWE Global Water Security Programme

Take part in the UWE Global Water Security Programme and support global organisations working on improving water security worldwide. It's an exciting opportunity to do a short or long-term placement in another country. Applications are open until 30 April 2019.

We're looking for UWE Bristol students from all subject areas to support host organisations by using your academic knowledge in a variety of ways.

What's the benefit of doing a placement?

The UWE Bristol Global Water Security Programme is a chance for you to use your academic skills to make a difference – and experience life in a different country. Taking part could also improve both your employability and your chances of undertaking postgraduate studies once you've graduated.

Opportunities will run over summer 2019 and/or as a sandwich placement for 2019/20. You could choose to link your research/experience to your academic studies as part of your third year modules, including sandwich placements and dissertation projects. However, this isn't compulsory. You'll be able to make a positive difference by working directly with the host organisation.

Successful applicants will receive support prior to, during and after their work experience.

What can I do?

You will support organisations in a number of ways. This could include:

  • water quality
  • sanitation in schools
  • food security
  • governance
  • hydropower
  • well rehabilitation
  • the impact on women
  • journalism.

Take a look at the 'Where can I go?' section below for ideas of how you can get involved in a project.

Previous students have won prizes for their work – including the National Union of Journalists (Bristol branch) Student Journalism Prize, and the IWSN-UWE Bristol Student Prize.

Where can I go?

The following opportunities are available for summer 2019.

Diocese of Kisoro, Uganda

Water Services Internships available for Social Sciences, Engineering, Water Science, and Journalism students. Work on any of the following projects in Kisoro District:

  • Assessment of the extent and type of rainwater harvesting tanks (RWH) 
  • Assessment of water quality in water stored in RWH 
  • Root cause analysis of failure in RWH kit
  • Help develop, design and build new RWH and gravity-fed systems
  • Journalism – document the programme’s work using contemporary journalistic and documentary methods/techniques
  • Focus on equity in distribution of water services, including service provision to the marginalised Batwa community

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India

Water Services Internships available for Social Sciences, Engineering, Water Science, Journalism students. Work on the following in New Delhi:

  • Green infrastructure and “nature-based solutions” to support CSE staff in applied research documenting the functioning of green infrastructure (eg integrated constructed wetlands) in both urban and rural settings.
  • Contribute to strengthening of performance and policy guidance documentation and capacity building

Centro de Competencias del Agua (CCA), Lima and Ayacucho Province, Peru

  • Field Assistants to support CCA scientists in continuing examination of climate change impacts on highland communities

RMI Outgrower Development, Swaziland

Student testimonials

Previous participants have returned with a deeper understanding of development challenges. They're also keen to make a positive contribution to society with their knowledge. You can read testimonials from some of them below.

"I have been fortunate to undergo a unique and amazing experience, meeting some wonderful people and working within a completely new environment. Not only have I collected my dissertation data, but I have also had the opportunity to gain valuable experience of field research."
Molly Byrne

“My placement to Uganda has undoubtedly been the best experience of my life to date. It has changed my outlook as a human being. ”
Josh Rogers

"Actively being involved in this research and meeting communities has given me more of an insight than any book ever could. It was a humbling yet incredible experience and one that I will never forget.”
Charlotte Whitmarsh

How to apply

Please apply by sending your covering letter and CV by email to Wayne2.powell@uwe.ac.uk. Applications are open until 30 April 2019.

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