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UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy

When you register as a student at UWE Bristol, you should ensure that you read the small print so that you understand what UWE Bristol expects of you and what you can expect from UWE Bristol when it comes to paying tuition fees.

Who the policy applies to

The UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy applies principally to students studying at UWE Bristol and UK Federation partnership institutions. Students studying on UWE Bristol courses through non-UK partnership institutions and Kaplan UK should refer to the policies of their host institutions. Students at University Centre Hartpury should refer to the University Centre Hartpury fee policy.

Content of the fees policy

The UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy details essential information relating to fees and payment of fees. Conditions outlined in the policy include:

  • Your liability to pay for fees even if you withdraw on the first day of the first term.
  • Your responsibilities for paying fees and what happens if you don’t pay.
  • Tuition fees and the fees policy are reviewed annually, so fees are likely to increase year on year. Discounts, scholarships and ways to pay may also change each year.
  • How much you pay depends not only on your course, but also on factors such as whether you are classed as an international student and whether you already have a Higher Education qualification.

We advise all students to ensure they have read and understood the terms and conditions of the UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy.

Tuition fees 2018-19

Please read the UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy 2018-19 if you are joining us in the 2018-19 academic year.

You must also read all the supporting annexes below:

Tuition fees 2017-18

If you are joining us in the 2017-18 academic year please refer to the UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy 2017-18. This document covers all of the key facts relating to UWE Bristol fee charging.

Please ensure you also read the supporting annexes listed below as these documents contain more detailed key information relating to the application of the 2017-18 policy:

Tuition fees 2016-17

Tuition fees 2015-16

Tuition fee policy archive

For past policies, please view our tuition fee policy archive.

Fees and funding enquiries

If you have questions regarding fees and funding, please contact our fees and funding teams

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