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What is the UWE Bursary?

This information is for new students beginning courses from September 2018 onwards.

UWE Bristol spends millions each year supporting undergraduate students with our generous bursary scheme. 2,730 new undergraduate students will receive a bursary in 2018/19.

Since the scheme started, we have paid a bursary to over 5,500 eligible students to support with the cost of studying.

How does the bursary scheme work?

Each year the bursary scheme that we offer varies slightly, although we always allocate based on specific criteria.

  • We pay both new and returning students a bursary each year.
  • We assess students during the first term of the academic year. We inform students if they have been allocated a bursary during the first term of their course.
  • Payment of the bursary is subject to completion of registration checks.
  • View more details for returning students.

The 2018 bursary policies will be available soon.

Who is eligible to be assessed for the UWE Bursary?

Undergraduate students who began studying the first year of their UWE Bristol course in September 2018 or later will be considered for the UWE Bursary each year.  

You will need to meet a number of eligibility criteria in order for the University to assess you:

  • Students who have an English domicile, are registering on an eligible undergraduate course, and are entitled to apply for funding from Student Finance England will be assessed. View further information about eligibility criteria.
  • Students will be assessed at the start of each academic year.

How many bursaries are there?

We have a limited amount of bursaries to allocate to new first year students each academic year. Assessment and allocation stops once we have allocated all that we have for that particular year.

Do students get paid every year they study?

  • If you continue to meet the eligibility criteria then you will continue to get paid in subsequent years of study.
  • If you fail to meet the eligibility criteria, you will no longer be eligible to receive bursary.
  • Payment will stop if you are no longer registered on an undergraduate course.

Bursary details for students starting in the 18/19 academic year

The table below details the bursaries available to students who are starting a course with us after September 2018.

What bursaries do we offer? How many do we have to allocate? Eligibility Payment dates  
£500 Low Income Bursary 2,500     
Low income only
(below £25,000)
15 February 2019 
£2,000 Enhanced Bursary 80 Care leavers,
, Estranged students
16 November 2018
15 February 2019
17 May 2019
£2,000  Childcare Bursary 150 Healthcare courses
(Previously NHS-funded full-time undergraduate courses)
16 November 2018
15 February 2019
17 May 2019

Further details for new students starting in 2018/19

View information on the bursary scheme, including the eligibility criteria for students starting their studies at the University in the 18/19 academic year.

The Progression Bursary

The Progression Bursary is payable to students who started their studies between the 2012/13 to 2017/18 academic years.
For these academic years, if you did not receive the bursary in your first year of study then you will not receive the Progression Bursary in subsequent years of study.

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