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Income assessment for the UWE Bursary

This information is for new students beginning courses in the 2019/20 academic year.

Income assessment

Student Finance assess your household income to calculate your entitlement to student funding. With your consent and that of your parents or partner, details of your household income from a previous financial year are sent to the University. Please ensure that consent has been provided in order for UWE Bristol to assess you for a bursary.

Household income details for full-time students

For the 19/20 academic year, UWE Bristol will provide bursaries through the Higher Education Bursaries and Scholarships Scheme (HEBSS).

For the purpose of allocating the bursaries, HEBSS use the confirmed 2018/19 income figures from Student Finance. If your household income has dropped below £25,000 since the 2018/19 financial year, it is important to request a ‘current year assessment’ from Student Finance to increase your funding.

We aim to allocate the bursaries by the first few weeks of term. It is important to apply for your funding from Student Finance as soon as you can. If we have not had your residual income through by the date of allocation, we will not be able to award you a bursary.

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