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Evidence for the bursary and payment

If you accepted an offer to UWE Bristol for the academic year 2018/19 and you meet the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be considered for the UWE Bursary through the Higher Education Bursaries and Scholarships Scheme (HEBSS).

We will contact you during your first term to notify you of this. If you feel that you meet the criteria for the Enhanced Bursary or the Childcare Bursary please provide the required evidence, as described below.

Information required

Part-time students

We will contact part-time students in the summer and during the first term to request evidence of income.

See the information about income assessment.

The Enhanced Bursary

Care leavers

If you indicated that you are a care leaver on your application to Student Finance England, you will automatically considered be for the UWE Cares Enhanced Bursary. Please email us at uwe.bursary@uwe.ac.uk if you’d like to discuss this further.

Find out more about support and funding available for care leavers.

Estranged students

Applicants will usually be assessed by Student Finance England as estranged. To do so you will

  • need to provide evidence that you are permanently estranged from your parents (ie have had no contact with them) and that this has lasted for over a year and
  • be under 25 years of age on 1st September 2018.

You must provide a copy of the evidence that you supplied to SFE for your assessment as an independent applicant. This will include a copy of your supporting letter from a third party, eg a teacher.

Please contact us at uwe.bursary@uwe.ac.uk to discuss the third-party evidence that you can provide to confirm your status. This will be the same evidence that you will need to provide to Student Finance England (SFE) to establish independent status. This is usually a letter from a GP, teacher or other professional.

Read about support and funding available for estranged students.


Carers will need to provide:

  1. an award notice for the qualifying benefit (dated 2018/19) for the person that you provide care for. This will need to show the same address from which you applied to UWE Bristol and
  2. evidence that you are providing regular and ongoing daily care. This should be confirmation from a third party such as a GP, teacher, carers' network or similar organisation.

If you are unable to provide this then please provide a letter from your relative confirming that you are providing care, plus a letter from you that details the care you provide.

If you are having any difficulties providing the evidence, or if the relative that you provide care for does not receive one of the benefits, please email us on UWE.Bursary@uwe.ac.uk to discuss your situation.

View more about support and funding available for carers.

Childcare Bursary

If you are studying on an eligible course, we will contact you during your first term to ask you to provide evidence that you are responsible for a child under the age of 16. This can be the 2018 award letter for either child benefit or tax credit, or a birth certificate.

One Childcare Bursary will be paid per eligible student, regardless of the number of children.

Low Income Bursary

You will not need to provide any income details to us – this will come directly from Student Finance England and we will not require any further evidence from you.


We aim to allocate the bursaries during the first term. We will be in touch with you over the summer and in the first few weeks of term if we require any information from you to help with our allocation.

Bursary payments

2018/19 bursary payment dates

The Childcare bursary and the UWE Cares bursary are paid in three equal instalments.

For September intake these dates are:

  • 16 November 2018
  • 15 February 2019
  • 17 May 2019

For the January/February intake these dates are:

  • April 2017
  • July 2019
  • October 2019

The £500 Low Income bursary will be paid in one instalment.

  • For September intakes this will be on 15 February 2019.
  • For January/February intakes this will be on the July payment date.


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