Support with NHS placement costs

If you are in receipt of the NHS Grant of £1,000, you may be able to claim for help with travel and accommodation costs associated with attending your NHS placement.


If the cost of travelling to your placement is greater than your normal daily travel costs to UWE Bristol, you will be able to claim the difference between the two amounts.


  • Travel from term-time residence to UWE Bristol = £3 per day
  • Travel from term-time residence to placement = £3.50 per day

You will be able to claim for £0.50, as this is the cost difference incurred to travel to your placement.

Using your own car

If you choose to use your own car, you will be paid the public transport rate when it is lower than mileage costs.


If you have to live away from your normal term-time accommodation during a placement, you can claim for the cost of temporary accommodation on or near your placement if it is not practical for you to travel there from your usual accommodation each day.

However, if your temporary accommodation is your parental home, you will NOT be able to make a claim for your accommodation costs.

How much can I claim for accommodation costs?

As long as you are not staying with your parents, you can claim up to £55 per night for commercial accommodation.

If you stay at hospital accommodation, you can claim up to £25 per night.

In addition, you can also claim:

  • the cost of one weekly return journey between your placement accommodation and your term-time accommodation and
  • the cost of daily travel from your temporary accommodation to your placement site, as long as this is greater than the daily cost of travel to UWE Bristol from your term-time accommodation.

How to claim

Once you have started your placement, you will need to complete the NHS Placement Claim form. Please refer to the NHS guidance notes for information on eligibility and how to complete your form.

Once completed, please hand the form in to one of the Information Points. You will need to attach all receipts (ie bus/train tickets, accommodation invoices) to your claim form as proof of the costs incurred.

Please note: You can apply for a UWE Bristol short-term loan to cover your costs before you start your placement.

Claiming for own car use

If you use your own car, it is your responsibility to obtain confirmation from your insurers that you have adequate cover for travel to and from placements.

It is important to claim for the correct mileage using a recognised route planner tool such as RAC, AA or Google Maps.

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