Funding for NHS courses 2016/17

The information below is for students who started a full-time NHS course prior to 1 September 2017 and are continuing on their course. If this is you, your funding will stay as that described below for the full length of the course.

If you are starting a NHS course in the 2017/18 academic year, please view our 2017/18 information.

How to apply for NHS funding 2016-17

If you are starting your NHS-funded course in February 2017 or you started in September 2016, you can apply for your fee and living cost support from the NHSBSA from October 2016. Once you are offered your place, apply for your funding by creating your account online via the 'register' button.

Tuition fee support

The NHS will pay tuition fees for the ordinary duration of the course. If you have to repeat part of your course, you may have to pay the tuition fees for the repeat study.

Funding for living costs

There are three elements that make up funding for your living costs. The NHS Grant and Bursary from the NHSBSA and the Maintenance Loan from Student Finance. If you have to repeat part of your course, you may not receive living cost support for this repeat study.

NHS placement support

If you are in receipt of the NHS Grant of £1,000, you will be able to claim for help with the additional travel and accommodation costs associated with attending your NHS placement. Find out more about NHS placement support.

NHS Grant

This provides students with a non-income assessed grant of £1,000. This is non-repayable.

NHS Student Bursary

The bursary is income-assessed which means that the amount of bursary you receive will depend on your household income. The amount you receive will also depend on whether you live with your parents while you study and which course you are studying.

So to work out how much you could get, you need to know who is in your household and what income counts. Work out your NHS funding provides details of the income assessment. The table below shows an estimate of the amount of bursary you receive according to your household income.

Income assessment and the NHS Student Bursary

Gross taxable household income

Household contribution

Diagnostic  Imaging, Radiotherapy, Occupational Therapy

and all types of Nursing


Under £24,279 £0 £3,315 £3,483 £4,491
£24,279 £45 £3,270 £3,438 £4,446
£30,000 £647 £2,668 £2,836 £3,844
£35,000 £1,173 £2,142 £2,310 £3,318
£40,000 £1,699 £1,616 £1,784 £2,792
£45,000 £2,226 £1,089 £1,257 £2,265
£50,000 £2,752 £563 £731 £1,739
£55,000 £3,278 £37 £205 £1,213
£60,000 £3,805 £0 £0 £686
£65,000 £4,331 £0 £0 £160
£67,500 £4,594 £0 £0 £0

Please note: The above amounts are for students living away from home. If you live at home these amounts will reduce.

The Bursary and the NHS Grant are paid in 12 monthly instalments, although you may receive the first two instalments together. It is paid into your bank account once you are registered on the programme.

See further details about the student financial support system on the NHSBSA website.

Student Finance England Maintenance Loan

Students are eligible for a non income-assessed maintenance loan (repayable). For 2016/17 this is £2,324 per year (£1,744 if living with parents) and £1,811 (£1,324 if living with parents) if you are in your final year.

You can apply for the maintenance loan online via the website.

Student Finance England (SFE) will pay your loan into your bank account in three equal instalments at the start of each term.

Find out how and when you repay your loan.

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