Eligibility for US federal loans

You must meet the criteria set by the US Department of Education in order to be eligible for US federal loans. The eligibility criteria on this page do not apply for private loans.

The federal loan eligibility criteria are subject to change at the US Department of Education's discretion and are beyond the University's control. You should check the latest eligibility criteria on the Federal Student Aid website.

In addition to the criteria specified on the Federal Student Aid website, you must also:

  • Be enrolled at least at a half-time rate at UWE Bristol for the duration of your course;
  • Be studying an eligible, degree-bearing course (PGCert and PGDip courses are classed as ineligible);
  • Make satisfactory academic progress during your course; and
  • With limited exceptions, undertake your study or research within the UK.

More information about these criteria is provided below.


  • You must remain enrolled at least at a half-time rate at UWE Bristol.
  • We will only be able to request your loan funds from the US if you are enrolled a minimum of seven calendar days before each disbursement date.
  • If you suspend, withdraw or drop below half-time enrolment then you must email the US loans team immediately at us.loan@uwe.ac.uk and read our Suspend or withdraw page.
  • You cannot receive a US federal loan at UWE Bristol if you are also enrolled and taking a federal loan at another institution.

Ineligible courses

There are restrictions on the University's ability to offer federal loan funds to students on certain courses. Students on ineligible courses may be eligible for a Private loan.

The following types of courses are not eligible for federal loans:

  • any non-degree bearing course, eg undergraduate or graduate certificates and diplomas
  • courses which are less than half-time
  • courses involving study in the US (with limited exceptions)
  • courses involving distance learning and/or online elements
  • medical training courses
  • summer school courses.

The below courses have been determined as ineligible for federal loans at UWE Bristol. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list and the US loans team will assess whether your course is eligible when you submit your loan application.

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • EdD (Doctorate of Education)
  • All distance learning programmes
  • All Diploma programmes
  • All certificate programmes
  • In most cases if the programmes includes a period of study in the US.

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