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Scholarships from other sources

Below is a list of organisations independent of UWE Bristol that provide scholarship opportunities to international students.

British Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. 2013 was the 30th anniversary of the Chevening programme, which was established in 1983, and has developed into a prestigious international scheme.

Scholars come from 118 countries worldwide, and over 600 scholarships will be awarded this year. There are over 42,000 Chevening alumni around the world who together comprise an influential and highly regarded global network. Scholars are personally selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world, sometimes in partnership with sponsoring organisations.

Eligibility for Chevening Scholarships

Applicants for Chevening Scholarships must:

  • be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country, and intend to return there at the end of the period of study;
  • hold a degree that is equivalent to at least an upper second-class honours degree in the UK;
  • achieve the minimum Chevening English language requirement;
  • have completed at least two years’ work or equivalent experience before applying for a Chevening Scholarship;
  • be able to obtain the correct visa, and receive an unconditional offer from a UK university.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted online for the Chevening Scholarships. Applicants should read the online guidance and be able to demonstrate how they meet the Chevening selection criteria before submitting an application.

Closing dates and priority subject areas vary from country to country - please visit the country search page for further information.

British Council IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Scholarship Award

The British Council is delighted to announce the launch of the British Council IELTS Scholarship for international students planning to study at universities overseas. In line with its mission to promote the global sharing of knowledge and ideas, the British Council will select eight students from India, each of whom will receive an award towards the cost of tuition fees.

British Marshall Scholarship (for students from the USA)

Marshall Scholarships finance young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom. At least 40 scholars are selected each year to study either at graduate or, occasionally, undergraduate level at a UK institution in any field of study.

Canon Collins Trust Scholarships

Canon Collins Trust provides scholarships to students from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Angola and Mozambique who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree (mainly Masters degrees of one or two years) in either the United Kingdom or South Africa.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan provides a network of study opportunities throughout the Commonwealth. Awards under the scheme are not made by a central body. Each Commonwealth country decides whether to offer awards in a particular year.

GREAT Scholarships 2019 - China

In partnership with the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign, UWE Bristol will be offering two scholarships to Chinese students applying for full-time master's courses in any subject, starting in September 2019.

Two scholarships will be awarded to the value of £10,000 each.


  • You will need to apply for a full-time taught master's course at UWE Bristol (postgraduate diplomas are not eligible for this scholarship) before applying for the scholarship.
  • You should have achieved a minimum of 80% on a degree from a recognised Chinese institution. Please provide evidence in the form of an official original transcript showing all subjects of your 4 years study and bearing the home university’s official seal.
  • Please submit a personal statement outlining how the postgraduate course will help you further your career aspirations and what your wider contribution to UWE Bristol could be as a result of obtaining a scholarship.

Your application should include an excellent personal profile as part of your personal statement. The deadline for applications is 15 March 2019.

Find out more about Great Scholarships 2019

Please note: This scholarship cannot be deferred, or applied for if in receipt of any other UWE Bristol scholarship. 

British Council Great Scholarships 2019

Hodgkin House Accommodation Scholarship

One accommodation scholarship is available from Hodgkin House for a full-time postgraduate student of Ugandan, Kenya or Tanzanian nationality and domicile.

The scholarship is for a September 2019 start and will last for one academic year (12-15 months). It includes single accommodation in Hodgkin House, Clifton, and bills for internet, water, and electricity.

Please note that the scholarship does not include travel, food, leisure activities or tuition fees.

Eligibility for the Hodgkin House Accommodation Scholarship

Applicants must:

  • hold an unconditional offer or a conditional offer where IELTS or equivalent English language is the only condition
  • be a new student to UWE Bristol with no previous UK study
  • be classed as overseas for fees purposes
  • have Ugandan, Kenya or Tanzanian nationality and be Ugandan, Kenya or Tanzanian domiciled
  • declare details of any sponsorship or scholarship secured or applied for
  • provide official transcripts at the time of application.

How to apply

The deadline for applications is Monday 22 July 2019. To be considered for the scholarship, you will need to complete the online scholarship application form.

Terms and conditions

A student can only be in receipt of one University of the West of England scholarship. If you meet the eligibility criteria for more than one of the scholarships, you will be awarded the scholarship which is the most beneficial to you.

If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be notified in writing. Full terms and conditions for the scholarship will be sent with the scholarship award letter.

This is a one-off award, which is non-renewable after the first year of study unless otherwise specified.

All scholarships, unless otherwise specified, are non-deferrable. If you are offered a scholarship and then choose to defer your place, the offer of the scholarship will be withdrawn and you will have to re-apply or will be reconsidered for the scholarship again the following year.

Other financial support

Many smaller award schemes exist for students from particular countries or ethnic backgrounds. Your local British Council office (or Embassy or High Commission) should be able to provide information on the schemes available to you.

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