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One-off volunteering

There are a variety of one-off volunteering opportunities across Bristol for you to get involved in. If you do not have time to make a regular commitment to a project, or just want to see if volunteering is for you, one-off opportunities are a great way for you to make a difference. They are fun and a fantastic way to support your community.

One-off opportunities with local organisations

There are often opportunities with local organisations where you can volunteer from just a few hours to a day of your time, with no ongoing commitment.

View all one-off opportunities and apply online (InfoHub log in required).

The Students' Union at UWE Bristol Action Days

The Students' Union organises a series of one-off action days in the local community for teams of student volunteers working in partnership with voluntary organisations and charities to make a difference.

View upcoming opportunities on The Students' Union at UWE website.

Student views: One-off volunteering

"One off events are a fantastic way to volunteer, as you are able to give as much time as you can afford to. The feel good factor of working hard for a whole day is fantastic!"

"It’s always great knowing you’ve helped others but, at the same time, the experience improved my confidence and was a fun way to spend the weekend."

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