Erasmus+ traineeship funding

The Erasmus+ programme enables you to study or do a work placement (known as a traineeship) in one of 32 other European countries as part of your degree. Students awarded a grant will receive between €400–€450 per month towards the costs of living abroad.

How long can my traineeship last?

Your traineeships can last between two and 12 months.

I have a ‘traineeship’ lined up. How do I qualify for an Erasmus+ grant?

Your traineeship must last at least two months and be an integral part of your degree programme. This usually means that you must have a ‘sandwich’ option as part of your degree. In order to qualify for an Erasmus+ grant, you must have a work placement confirmed by the UWE Bristol Placement Team and by your academic department.

If you don’t have a ‘sandwich’ option as part of your degree, you can qualify to receive Erasmus+ traineeship funding if you complete the UWE Bristol Futures Award. You'll need to list the placement as one of the three activities that count towards the award. You must complete the award in order to remain eligible for the funding.

Your placement must take place outside of the UK, in one of the 32 Erasmus+ programme countries. European students are discouraged from returning to their home countries – those that do are considered low priority for funding.

If you receive a generous salary during your placement you may only be part-funded and, in some cases, may not receive funding at all.

I want to work abroad. How can I find an employer to host me as a trainee?

Try searching in InfoHub. Vacancies are listed by location and many international sandwich placement vacancies are prefixed ‘international’.

Alternatively, you can use:

  • GoIn Global  lists hundreds of jobs and internship listings
  • Erasmus Intern provides a market place to bring together traineeship providers and students seeking a training opportunity abroad.

Consider contacting employers directly, but think about if you need to make changes to your CV to make it suitable for the European job market. The typical European format is one page, with a photo and details of your work experience and language skills.

How is the grant paid?

Erasmus+ grants are administered by the UWE Bristol Study Abroad Team and paid to you directly via bank transfer.

Erasmus+ grants are usually paid in two instalments. The first (70%) is paid when you’ve started your placement (and returned the required documentation), and the second (30%) when you’ve finished your placement (and completed an online questionnaire that we’ll send you).

How much will I receive?

In 2018/19, the monthly grant rate is between €400–€450, depending on the country group your traineeship takes place in.

Group one countries (€450 per month)

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden

Group two and three countries (€400 per month)

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

Example: A student undertaking a nine-month Erasmus+ work placement in Germany would be eligible for a maximum Erasmus+ grant of around EUR3600, paid in two instalments of EUR2520 and EUR1080.

All payments will be made in sterling, unless you provide details of Euro bank accounts.

Are there any additional sources of funding?

In addition to Erasmus+ funding, you’re still eligible to receive your usual student finance grants and loans.

If you’re on a work placement, you may also receive a salary, ‘contribution in kind’ (accommodation, lunch vouchers) or a stipend from your employer.

You can also apply for a means-tested travel grant from Student Finance England to claim back the costs of travel to and from your placement, less the first £303.

How much will I pay in fees during my placement year?

Please see our information about fees and funding for placements.

Do I need to speak a European language?

Many companies and organisations (particularly large multinational companies) use English in the workplace. Basic language preparation is encouraged to aid integration into life in your host country.

Can I do more than one placement?

Yes, but each placement must be confirmed by the Placement Team and separate Erasmus+ grant documentation will be required. Please inform both the Placement Team and the Study Abroad Team at the start of the academic year if you intend to do more than one placement.

Can I receive academic recognition for my Erasmus+ work placement?

If you complete a sandwich placement it will be listed on your degree supplement. Most students will need to complete assignments and assessments that form an accredited placement module whilst they are working.

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in applying for Erasmus+ funding you should take the following steps:

Step one

Successfully arrange a work placement that meets both the Erasmus+ requirements (a minimum of two months in an eligible country) and UWE Bristol’s requirements for a sandwich placement year. Your course leader or the Placement Team can advise you on this.

Step two

Once your placement is confirmed, the Placement Team will liaise with the Study Abroad Team, who will provide you with an information pack. You then need to return all necessary documentation. This includes a signed funding contract, a completed training agreement (signed by yourself, your employer and the Study Abroad Team) and a certificate of arrival. You should also attend a Go Global pre-departure briefing, which you can book to attend through InfoHub.

Step three

At the end of your placement, you must submit a certificate of departure and complete an online questionnaire.

Find out more

You may find the British Council information on traineeships helpful.

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