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Placements - Guidance for academic staff

This guidance for academic staff covers the support that students can expect from the Careers and Enterprise Service and what the service requires from students.

Placement opportunities

Increasingly placements or work experience are being included as required or optional elements in programmes of study. These placements range from a few days to a one-year sandwich placement, and take place at various points in the programme.

Students on programmes of study that include professional practice

The information below does not apply to students on programmes of study that include professional practice for instance in health, social work and education where work placements are usually a compulsory part of your programme and are intergrated in to the course structure. Students should contact their department directly if they would like further information on this.

Support for students in finding a placement

It is the responsibility of the student to secure an appropriate placement, however, UWE Bristol Careers will source vacancies for placements in line with whatever has been agreed between the Faculty and the Careers Consultant in the annual plan. All vacancies will be promoted via InfoHub. We will also encourage students to make use of the full range of resources to undertake their own research and find their own placement.

Students can use our careers services to get advice on finding vacancy sources as well as our vacancies and work experience resources and CVs, application forms and interview resources.

Detailed advice about the placement requirements of a particular programme or module can be found on the programme and module databases and through the programme team or module leader.

Once students have found a placement

The University’s requirements will vary depending on the type of placement, whether it is compulsory or optional and the length.  However, all students once they have received an offer of a placement of any length must approve and confirm their placement with us. See our confirming your placement information.

The Placement Team will then advise them on the next steps. For the student, these will always include providing:

  • Basic details about the employer and the workplace supervision.
  • Clear role and responsibilities and the terms involved for the placement, in writing.

Depending on the nature and length of the placement, the University will also require completion of an agreement between the employer, the student and the University covering health and safety and any other compliance matters for that particular placement.

A checklist of things students should think about when they are negotiating their placement is available:

Placement Team

The Placement Team will liaise with academic staff to ensure that the placement meets programme requirements and is approved, and with students and employers to ensure that all necessary requirements are completed for the placement to start.

We will also provide briefings for students before they go on placement, as agreed by the Faculty with the Careers Consultant.

We are available to support students and employers during the placement, and maintain records of where students are on placement and for how long.  

For further information please contact us.

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