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Before you start your placement

There's plenty to consider before you start your placement, so take a look at this list for guidance.

Confirm you’re eligible to go on placement

Most students have the opportunity to do either a short-term or sandwich placement. Check your programme specification or speak to your programme leader to confirm.

International students will need to follow some visa requirements. Please read the University’s visa work placements advice. If you have any questions about your visa please speak to a UWE Bristol Immigration Adviser.

Attend a placement briefing

Sandwich placement briefings will give you the requirements for your academic module, and tips and support for finding and starting your placement. It’s also a chance to meet your module leader and the placement team at the briefings.

The briefings, which take place in spring, are promoted on Infohub and in our e-newsletters to students.

Get your placement approved by UWE Bristol

The University needs to approve your placement before you can start. Follow our process for confirming your placement.

What to do if you fail a module

Don’t worry – you can discuss your options with the Student Support Advisers.

You’ll need to arrange time off with your employer so you can return for your resit, which might mean taking annual leave.

International students

If you’re an international student who fails a module, you’ll need to wait until your results have been published in the summer before you can start your placement. You may also need to discuss moving your start date with your employer. If that’s the case, contact the Placement Team and we’ll guide you through the process.

Register with the University

Just like in previous years, you need to log into your MyUWE to register and pay your fees. You’ll be notified through your UWE Bristol email when you're able to register. Once registered, you’ll be given access to the Blackboard site for your placement module.

If you’ve applied for a tuition fee loan it’ll be released to the University after registration by the Student Loans Company, giving you access to any student funding you’re entitled to.

Consider accommodation and travel


You’ll need to organise your own accommodation for your placement year, as the University doesn’t provide assistance with this. If you’re on placement in a new city, speak to your employer as they may be able to advise you about potential areas to investigate. Larger employers who take on a number of placement students sometimes help students with finding accommodation.

View further accommodation guidance:


You may need to commute to work or travel as part of your job, so get information about what travel is expected as part of your role before accepting the position. Employers will often cover mileage and the cost of public transport, but you generally need to consider the cost of your commute to and from work.

Greater London

If you’re on placement in Greater London you may be eligible for an 18+ Student Oyster photocard. Please ensure you’ve updated myUWE to reflect your address in Greater London before you start your application, or your application will be rejected.

Overseas placements

Don’t forget to read our Studying or work abroad guide for essential travel and insurance advice for overseas placements.

Pay your fees and consider funding sources

A sandwich placement costs the same as one academic module, which means that sandwich students have one less module to study in their final year.

There’s no impact on your fees if you’re doing a short-term placement.

Use our tuition fees search to find out the cost of a module for your course.

Funding sources

Most students can apply to Student Finance for a loan to cover tuition fees and help towards living costs. This is usually a reduced loan.

For further clarification, check out the ‘Finance for a Placement Year’ section on our student funding page.

There's no specific funding available for placement students, although the University does have Financial Assistance Schemes and the UWE Bursary. You can speak with a Money Adviser from the Student Money Service team to discuss your financial circumstances in more detail. 

Students on overseas placements in the EU or Switzerland may be eligible for Erasmus funding. If you aren’t eligible for Erasmus funding you may be able to apply for the Go Global Bursary.

Tax considerations

You may have to pay income tax and National Insurance on your earnings, depending on your salary level. Tax and NI will be deducted monthly from your salary in accordance with your personal tax code. Take your P45 and/or P60 (if you have them from previous jobs) with you when you start your placement to make sure you’re paying tax at the right rate.

Get support if you need it

Disability, Specific Learning Difficulty and mental health support

If you’re disabled, have a health condition, mental health condition or Specific Learning Difficulty (like dyslexia), please get in touch with the Placement Team. We can talk through any support requirements or adjustments you may need.

Going on placement may affect Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs), although there may be other funding you can receive through your employer, such as Access to Work. We recommend that you speak to Disability Service before starting your placement for more information.

You can also access support from the Wellbeing Service.

Language support

The University has different sources of English language support available if you feel like you need a bit of help with your English skills.

Other support

Please contact us if you’d like to talk through any circumstances that might need to be taken into consideration when going on placement.

Help with approaching your employer

We can also help if you’d like advice on how to discuss with your manager so you can get the most out of your placement. This may mean discussing adjustments that can be made to allow more flexible working or access to further support.

Confirm your student status

You’re officially still a student at the University whilst you’re on placement. Retaining your student status is good news as you’ll be exempt from Council Tax and will qualify for other student discounts. Just visit myUWE and click on ‘Documents’ under the ‘MyDetails’ tab.

For anything else, contact us.

Get in touch

Please contact us if you have any questions.

If your future manager has queries about your academic module:

  • you or they can contact your module leader or the Placement Team (during the summer vacation)
  • you can download them a copy of the module handbook on Blackboard
  • you or they can speak to your tutor (during term time).

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