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International students - your skills

As an international student, you will have developed some of the key skills and qualities that employers look for to a very high standard.

Skills and qualities you can offer as an international student

Your unique experience of studying and living in another country will have developed key skills such as flexibility, adaptability and communication skills. It is important to highlight these skills when applying to employers.

The table below outlines some of the key skills to highlight to employers:


Explain to employers how you have managed to adapt to a new environment and its culture. International students often have to do this by themselves.

Organisation skills

Be able to describe how you have managed to organise accommodation, finance, visas, employment etc.


Living abroad requires using and developing communication skills on a daily basis so that people can understand your requirements.

Language skills

Your knowledge of more than one language could help an organisation to communicate with overseas markets and suppliers.


Your willingness to take your studies overseas and embrace new cultures and experience demonstrates how committed you are to learning and developing as an individual.


Again, demonstrated by your adapting to a new life. Also international students are often more mobile and happy to move to different locations around the UK in order to work.

A broader perspective

Your experiences of how cultures vary can bring a fresh perspective to a company. It may provide an insight into different ways of doing business.

Cultural awareness

You could use your particular cultural background to advise and inform an organisation on how to make the right impact on their international customers and clients.

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