UWE Bristol Careers - Mission statement

Careers aims and principles of practice

UWE Bristol Careers aims

  • Advice and guidance
    To provide high-quality and professional advice and guidance enabling our students and graduates (plus other eligible service users) to take control of, and responsibility for, their own career planning and progression/development.
  • Employability
    To help students and graduates access skills, experience and knowledge to improve their employability prospects.
  • Recruiters and other opportunity providers
    To build ongoing relationships with recruiters and other opportunity providers that result in positive employability outcomes for our students and graduates.
  • The University
    To be recognised across the University as leaders of the UWE Bristol graduate employability agenda through the provision of knowledge, expertise and consultancy services, and to represent the university as an exemplar of Higher Education employability activity.
  • Marketing
    To market our services effectively to all our client groups – including students and graduates, employers and other opportunity providers, and our staff.
  • Staff development
    To ensure that all our Careers staff understand how their role contributes to team, service and University aims and objectives, and their competence is developed in line with the demands of the service. 

Information, advice and guidance principles

  • Accessible and visible
    Information, advice and guidance (IAG) services should be recognised and trusted by clients, have convenient entry points from which clients may be signposted or referred to the services they need, and be open at times and in places which suit clients' needs.
  • Professional and knowledgeable
    IAG frontline staff should have the skills and knowledge to identify quickly and effectively the client’s needs. They should have the skills and knowledge either to address the client’s needs or to signpost or to refer them to suitable alternative provision.
  • Effective connections
    Links between IAG services should be clear from the client’s perspective. Where necessary, clients should be supported in their transition between services.
  • Availability, quality and delivery
    IAG services should be targeted to the needs of clients, and be informed by social and economic priorities at local, regional and national levels.
  • Diversity
    The range of IAG services should reflect the diversity of clients' needs.
  • Impartial
    IAG services should support clients to make informed decisions about learning and work based on their  needs and circumstances.
  • Responsive
    IAG services should reflect clients' present and future needs.
  • Friendly and welcoming
    IAG services encourage clients to engage successfully with the service.
  • Enabling
    IAG services should encourage and support clients to become life-long learners by enabling them to access and use information to plan their careers, supporting them to explore the implications for both learning and work in their future career plans.
  • Awareness
    Adults should be aware of the IAG services that are relevant to them, and have well-informed expectations of those services.

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