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Careers Coaching appointments

Our Careers Coaching team are a specialist team with professional expertise in careers coaching. Our focus is on enabling UWE Bristol students and graduates (plus other eligible service users) to take control of their own career planning and development.

How do I get a Careers Coaching appointment?

Before booking one of these appointments, you should either look at the online resources in Career Toolkit, come along to our daily Career Essentials workshops in E-Zone or come along to one of our daily drop-ins.

A full Careers Coaching appointment lasts up to 30 minutes.To book your first appointment, log in to InfoHub and visit our appointments section or contact us.

What can I expect from a Careers Coaching appointment?

The information below explains what you can expect from a more in-depth Careers Coaching appointment.

The Careers and Employability Adviser will agree with you at the beginning of the appointment how you want to use the time, and will review what the next steps should be following the appointment. This may include a further referral to other parts of the service.

What can I use my Careers Coaching appointment for?

There are many possible topics suitable for discussing in a careers interview and you set the agenda. Common themes are:

  • Career options open to you.
  • Identifying transferable skills.
  • Job search strategies.
  • Reviewing a CV or application and considering how effective they are.
  • Training or postgraduate study options.
  • Preparing for interviews.

Where the Careers and Employability Adviser decides that, in their professional judgment, you are not making best use of our service, we reserve the right to give a planned approach in order to help you make more constructive use of the service and take responsibility for your career planning.

What will a Careers Coaching appointment help you to achieve?

Seeing one of our Career Coaches is a great first step which will move you further towards your career goals, but it will not achieve them. What it can help you to do is:

  • Help you to explore your options, how to take them forward and allow you to think about the implications of the decisions you need to make. You may be directed to information resources to help you do more research.
  • Help you to gain clarity – it is not uncommon for people to come out with more questions than they went in with. This is the nature of career planning. It is a process which requires time and hard work, which is something that often surprises people.
  • Create an action plan of what you need to do next – it may be that you need to come back for another appointment after doing some of the actions.

What you should do before you have your appointment

  • Look at the resources on the Career Toolkit and read information related to your query. If you are coming in for detailed feedback on your CV, make sure that you have looked at our online CV resources.
  • Think about how you might want to use the time in your appointment – perhaps make a note of any questions or issues and think about what you would like to get out of the appointment. We know that sometimes it is hard to know where to start, so do not be afraid to say that, but remember our job is to help facilitate your career planning and development and help.

Get in touch with UWE Bristol careers

We are here to support you with your career goals. Read more about our careers coaching. If you have any questions please contact us.

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