Senior Careers Consultants linked to faculties and departments

Working with Careers Consultants

Your linked Careers Consultant is a resource for consultancy, staff training and for working directly with students. They can support you by:

  • Working with you to identify employability issues and develop an employability strategy.
  • Reporting to faculty committees where informed input on employability issues will be valuable.
  • Analysing the annual 'Graduate Destinations' survey and discussing issues that emerge from this.
  • Providing consultancy support for employability activities including staff training, advising on workshop content, identifying key resources and links with employers.
  • Providing input to induction at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate awards and other workshop activities where relevant and manageable.
  • Acting as a link to UWE Bristol Careers projects tailored to the employability needs of your students. These could include discussion groups, work experience, raising awareness and aspirations, coaching, working with disabled students.
  • Liaising with UWE Bristol Enterprise to deliver resources and support for the development of the Enterprise mindset, together with providing advice and opportunities relating to self-employment and student business start-ups.

Linked Careers Consultants

Faculty Department Linked careers consultants
Arts, Creative Industries and
  • Art and Design
  • Film and Journalism
Lucy Cox
  • Education and Childhood
  • Arts and Cultural Industries
Lucy Cox

Environment and Technology

  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Computing Science and Creative Technologies
  • Engineering Design and Mathematics
  • Geography and Environmental Management
Tilly Line
Health and Applied Sciences
  • Health and Social Sciences
  • Applied Sciences
Jenny Ahern
  • Allied Health Professions
  • Nursing and Midwifery
Jenny Ahern
Business and Law
  • Bristol Business School
  • Accounting, Economics and Finance
Paula Tynan
  • Bristol Law School
Paula Tynan

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