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Getting started

Self-awareness or understanding more about ourselves is at the centre of personal and career development. If you have a good understanding about your skills, interests and what motivates you in the workplace, then you can consider what sort of employment you would be suited to.

Resources for getting started

Generating career ideas resource sheet

Our Generating career ideas resource sheet on InfoHub contains information and resources to help you to gain self-awareness including:

  • Self-help diagnostic tools – resources to help assess your skills, interests, strengths and personality and find out what graduate jobs may suit you.
  • Personality tests – these look at your preferences or how you are likely to react and behave in different circumstances, and suggests suitable career areas.

Careers linked to your studies

Learn about options that may be available to you with your subject and explore career ideas using our graduate destinations resources.

Profiling for success online questionnaires

Profiling for Success offers three online questionnaires to help you find out more about your learning style and your personality. These questionnaires can only be accessed from within Bristol UWE.

  • Type Dynamics Indicator – personality questionnaire
    The personality questionnaire looks at your preferences or how you are likely to react and behave in different circumstances and suggests suitable career areas.
  • Learning Style questionnaire
    Learning is an essential part of many modern jobs. Learning styles therefore tells us something very important about how we approach work and how we work with others with different styles. The ability to work constructively with others is a skill valued very highly by many top organisations. The questionnaire helps you reflect on your learning style and how you can become a more effective learner.
  • Values-based Indicator of Motivation – team focus questionnaire
    We are all motivated by things that we value. The Values-based Indicator of Motivation is designed to identify those things that matter to you most.

How do I access the questionnaires?

Proceed to the online questionnaires via InfoHub. Once you log in to InfoHub, you will be given a client code to access the questionnaires. You will then be able to select the questionnaire you would like to complete.

Additional resources

Get in touch with UWE Bristol Careers services

We are here to support you with your career goals. Contact us if you need help or advice.

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