Fire drills

The University has a legal obligation to undertake fire drills annually. Our guidance states that this may well increase based on the building use, occupancy type and evacuation conduct.

Ensuring our residents and buildings are safe

We need to check our fire evacuation procedures and systems as we have a duty to ensure that our residents and accommodation buildings are safe. If there was a fire in the accommodation (and we have had fires in the past) we need to make sure that only the building is damaged and that there is no risk to life.

What do we do?

  • We activate the alarms (having notified our control room that this is a drill to make sure that the fire brigade are not called)
  • We allow sufficient time to make sure that everyone leaves the building – the target time is four minutes
  • We then go into the building accompanied by one of the student residents as an impartial witness to check flats and room/s
  • Please note that drills are normally carried out early in the morning or early in the evening when the majority of residents are home.

What are we checking?

  • We make sure that everyone has left the building 
  • That the sounders and, where appropriate, the beacons are working
  • That sensors have not been covered.

We do not look through personal possessions.

If all students evacuate the building effectively, we only need to do one drill. If there are problems or delays, we may need to re-test individual blocks at a later date.

Behaviour management

Students found to be late evacuating or to have tampered with fire equipment will be subject to disciplinary action as per the behaviour management and intervention process.

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